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Windows 10 Lean Coming!

Microsoft is quite the boss when it comes to the desktop OS. Their product – Windows is, by far, the most popular OS for desktop platform because of its simplicity, powerful features and availability of software. Moreover, it’s the best platform for gaming because of various powerful SDKs and DirectX. The latest one of Windows series is Windows 10 where everything is re-configured completely anew.

However, Windows 10 has always been infamous for being a resource hog. Indeed, with great features come heavier resource usage. The general installation of Windows 10 is quite heavy. The required system memory is also really higher than other Windows. Things are about to change.

Recently, Windows expert Lucan pinpointed to a new edition of Windows 10 – Lean. This is still under the development of Microsoft that will offer great usability to a good percentage of the community.

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Windows 10 Lean

By default, Windows 10 comes up with lots of pre-installed apps and features. These features end up eating lots of disk space. Now, Microsoft is experimenting with this new edition where there will be no additional apps & features pre-installed. Don’t worry, as you always have the option of installing them manually. Placeholder buttons are present there, giving you an easier access to all the essential apps you’d like to enjoy.

Source: https://twitter.com/tfwboredom/status/987400226913779712

More hidden features

With the release of Windows 10 Insider build 17650, we’ve come up with all the information about the next Microsoft product. This “Lean” edition is slimmed down so much it only takes around 2GB of storage space for the 64-bit system! Crazy, right?

Additionally, there are also other indications of Microsoft’s intention with the product. In the Windows registry, there are lots of information. Windows Lean is under the branch of “Windows 10 S Insider Preview” with sub-ID called “CloudE”. This is easily predictable that this Windows will primarily target the cloud platform where performance is really important. A lightweight system is able to perform better than others.

Source: https://twitter.com/tfwboredom/status/987400226913779712

In addition, Lucan also noted that there are several restrictions lacking in the Windows Lean that are generally present with Windows 10 S.

The bottom line

I personally love this upcoming(?) option of Windows 10. This will help us run a slimmer Windows 10 with better performance. Moreover, it’s also great for systems having older hardware or less system resource. But it’s still under development, so nothing is 100% fixed.

At least, we’ll wait for the great future of Windows 10.

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