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How to Install & Use Vim Text Editor on Windows

In the world of programming, IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) have surrounded the developers of the world for quite a long time. Although they offer some really nice features, the necessity of a text editor has never been decreased even the slightest bit. Some bare-bones text editor like Vi/Vim is still going strong with the support of the community and the awesome & powerful features.

If you’re one of the text editor pro or willing to test them out, it’s the perfect chance for grabbing the software on your Windows! Windows is the largest platform in case of desktop and Vim is available for all the major Windows releases (7, 8, 8.1 and 10).

Installing Vim Editor

Most of the developers in the world are afraid of Vim. Of course, Vim is one of the hardest ones in the world but also packed with serious power. Once you’ve overcome the fear, there’s no one stopping you from making Vim your everyday friend. Vim was first introduced to the UNIX system as Vi.

Thanks to the devs, Vim is also available for Windows. Head to the Vim download page. Then, download the Vim installer for Windows. I’ll be downloading the Vim 32-bit installer. It offers the best compatibility and system compatibility.

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Once the installation is complete, you can start Vim from the Command Prompt. Run this command in the Command Prompt:


Learning Vim

Vim is quite difficult, but not invincible. With proper guideline and documentation, you can easily master this difficult piece of software. For starting the tutorial, head to the official Vim documentation. For a quick help, run “:help” inside Vim.

Note that Vim may be detected as a malware. Ignore the message as it’s a false warning. Enjoy the most powerful text editor on the most popular platform!

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