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WhatsApp: How to see the statuses of your contacts without them noticing it

Hello folks! One of the most important issues, when we talk about messaging applications, is privacy. Which has been improving significantly over time. One service that stands out in this section is WhatsApp. Despite multiple criticisms, in recent times due to the new conditions, they implemented in 2021. Currently, WhatsApp remains the most used messaging app, above Telegram and other similar apps on the market. Thanks to that it is the favorite of millions of users. The app is configurable if we want to show as little information as possible. Like avoiding showing the connection time, among other things. In this post, we will show you how to see the WhatsApp statuses of your contacts without them noticing.

Using File Explorer

One of the easy methods to view WhatsApp status without your contacts noticing is by using File Explorer. It is one of the ways, though not the only one that exists. This process consists of a few steps, including being able to view the images without having to use the WhatsApp application. The file explorer serves to perform various tasks, such as the option of being able to take a look at those images of some of the apps that are installed on your phone. Remember that it is like a database to consult any image, as well as documents that pass through our device. A file explorer that you can use to do this task is the “File Manager by Xiaomi”, but you also have other explorers such as Google Files, ES File Explorer, and Solid Explorer, among others.

First step

Download and install the File Manager app by following the link below:

Google Play | File Manager by Xiaomi: Explorer your files easily

Second step

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Then open the File Manager app.

Then open the File Manager app.
Then open the File Manager app.

Third step

After that, drop down all the options of the File Manager by clicking on the three bars in the top left corner. Then click on Settings and activate the “Show hidden files” option, you must get to the WhatsApp statuses folder.

WhatsApp: How to see the statuses
WhatsApp: How to see the statuses
Then click on Settings
Then click on Settings
Activate the "Show hidden files" option
Activate the “Show hidden files” option

Fourth step

Then search now for the WhatsApp folder to find it faster in the search engine put “WhatsApp” and you will get all the results found.
Click on “WhatsApp” and then click on “Media”, the folder will be inside it, with the name “.Statuses”.
And that’s it, here you will see any status uploaded by your contacts without being seen and without the need to open the application.

Then search now for the WhatsApp folder WhatsApp: How to see the statuses
Then search now for the WhatsApp folder
Statuses WhatsApp: How to see the statuses

Using Warn

It is Warn is an app available on the Play Store that will serve to recover deleted messages, but also gives you the possibility to download those statuses you want. As the choice is by the user this will allow you to preview them without using the WhatsApp app.

To start using it, do the following:

  • The first step is to download the app from the Play Store, it is available at this link
  • After downloading and installing it, give the permissions that it asks for, which are important to start using it.
  • Download the status of the contact you want, you can go down one by one and have each of them safely, then go to the “Downloads” folder on your device and view the one you want.


Both methods are effective to prevent our contacts from finding out if we have seen any of their statuses. But in case you do not want to use any app. You can always disable the reading confirmations from the WhatsApp privacy section. Thanks for reading us. Bye!

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