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How to start a recording or the camera by shaking your Android phone.

Hello friends! This time, we will show you how to start the camera or a voice recording by just shaking your phone thanks to automated tasks. This is possible with the help of an app called MacroDroid. Which is an interesting application for configuring and automating tasks. Moreover, it has usability as its strongest point, with a simple user interface and logical step-by-step processes. Macrodroid is becoming an essential addition to our phones due to the great possibilities it has in terms of automation, as it allows you to do practically everything. Today we are going to show you a trick to start a recording with your phone’s microphone quickly. This way you can start a recording just by shaking your phone thanks to one of Macrodroid’s automated tasks. You can also choose to open the camera.

How to record audio with Macrodroid

In case you need to write down directions you have been given, also save your voice memos. There are indeed times when a quick recording can be very helpful in order not to forget things. With the help of Macrodroid, you can schedule the start of an audio recording to start or stop every time you shake your phone. Also, you can set the recording to end after a certain time. This way of interacting with the phone is somewhat limited, in case you already have another automated task whose trigger is shaking the phone, you’ll have to decide which one to stick with. To record automatically when you shake the phone, set up the task like this:

First step

Download and install the app by following the link below:

Google Play | MacroDroid – Device Automation

Second step

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Then open the app and tap the “Add Macro” button.

Then open the app and tap the "Add Macro" button.
Then open the app and tap the “Add Macro” button.

Third step

Then set the following configuration:

  • Triggers: Sensors > Shake device.
  • Actions: Multimedia > Record with the microphone.
After that, set the following configuration
Set the following configuration

After choosing the Record with microphone option it will give you the option to choose how long you want this recording to last, and here you will have to select the duration you prefer.

select the duration you prefer to start a recording
select the duration you prefer

On the other hand, you can set an additional trigger that consists of turning the cell phone over to cancel the recording. However, you will have to select the “Until cancel” option when you are asked for the recording time in the previous step. You can set a restriction so that this automation does not work at night.

select the "Until cancel" option to start a recording
select the “Until cancel” option

If this method is too complicated for you, you can also make Macrodroid start the recorder or camera app in Actions. Just click on Applications>Launch application.

Just click on Applications>Launch application to start a recording
Just click on Applications>Launch application


Macrodroid is an app dedicated to task automation that will change the way we use our phones. And we recommend that you give it a try. From now on you will be able to perform a multitude of actions in a faster and more efficient way. Thanks for reading us. Goodbye!

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