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What’s new in Windows 2016 Server

With Windows Server 2012, there wasn’t much that recognized Windows Server Standard and Windows Server Data center . Microsoft extremely chose to shake things up and present new highlights that would change that with their arrival of Windows Server 2016.

While nothing was eliminated from Windows Server Standard, new attributes were included and some of those new attributes are presently limited to Windows Server Data focus.

Some of the new features which are added in the Windows 2016 Server are:

1-Windows Containers

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2-Nano Server (minimal install)

Similarly, new featres which are specific to Data center only are the following.

1-Storage Spaces Direct

2-Storage Replica

3-Shielded VMs

4-Host Guardian Service

An extra Software Assurance advantage has additionally been included. Before February 2016, there was no real way to use a Windows Server permit secured with Software Assurance toward an Azure situation. Presently, Software Assurance on Windows Server Standard or Data focus will give special estimating on either two virtual machines in Azure of eight centers or less or one virtual machine in Azure of 16 centers or less. This could spare a huge number of dollars every year for the individuals who are ceaselessly running higher layered virtual machines in Azure. The virtual machine(s) secured by this advantage must be assigned utilizing Power Shell while transferring their Windows Server pictures up to Azure. Now, it merits restoring any Software Assurance that you may have on Windows Server regardless of whether you’re not going to utilize it, exclusively to get a markdown on virtual machines in Azure.

Nano Servers are a working arrangement of sorts that hosts cloud-based applications and enable you to introduce just the parts of the server that you require without whatever else. They convey dexterity and speed with bring down asset utilization. Windows Server Data focus 2016 has some extra wonderful new attributes. Capacity Replica brings another level of arrangement for fiasco recuperation. Out of the blue, they offer you the significant serenity of zero loss of information. In the event that for reasons unknown, a catastrophe happens, this element will make it so all information will exist somewhere else with no probability of misfortune.

The most charming component to me is Shielded VMs and the part that they play with Host Guardian Service. Presently, this might be an alarming idea, however envision one of your admin accounts is traded off. The individual on the opposite end of that username and secret word might not have the best goals but rather by one means or another figures out how to take a few to get back some composure of your space controller.


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