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What to do when the Android keyboard does not appear?

Hello friends! A phone on which the Android keyboard does not appear is almost a brick with little utility. The main mobile messaging applications, social networks, or even web browsers, require typing words. Luckily, there are some alternatives to try to solve this problem. If your Android keyboard app is giving you trouble, follow these tips to try and fix it. From simple alternatives of restarting the main app to the ultimate solution of returning the device to its factory state. Step by step, how to perform each of the alternatives before opting for a hard reset of the device and its data.

The Android keyboard does not appear, reboot your phone

If you try to enter a word in a text field, the keyboard does not appear. The first feeling is frustration. But a quick fix for this error may be to reboot the phone. This aims to rule out any kind of software failure. How is this done? Depending on your phone’s customization layer there may be slight differences, but the general steps are:

  • Press and hold the power button for a few seconds.
  • In the power off menu, select the Reboot option to turn the phone off and on again.
  • Then enter your PIN and unlock code. Once you access the system again, open apps to see if the keyboard is working again.
reboot your phone
reboot your phone

Activate the Android keyboard again

If the keyboard does not appear on Android because of a system error or a human misconfiguration, you can look in the settings menu to retrieve it without turning off the device. The option will be found as follows:

  • Enter the Settings menu.
  • Enter the System section.
  • Click on On-Screen Keyboards and the Manage on-screen keyboards option.
  • Make sure that the main keyboard is enabled on the phone.
Manage Keyboards
Manage Keyboards

Clear Cache and Reset Keyboard Application

Just like other apps that may crash due to external errors, clearing cache and keyboard data is another option. You can try to fix it when the Android keyboard does not appear in the Apps menu.

  • Open the All apps option and in the list, look for Gboard or your keyboard app.
  • Select the icon to see the options and choose Storage and Cache.
  • Press Clear cache and then Clear storage.
Clear all data do when the Android keyboard
Clear all data

Install another keyboard

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To rule out that there is not some other type of error, we can download a different keyboard app from the Play Store. There is a wide variety of keyboard apps, and installing and using them is very easy. Once the app is downloaded from the official store, it is a matter of accepting the message that asks us to change the default keyboard on the phone.


In some cases, this failure may be due to a failed update of the Android keyboard app. Also in most possibilities, it is usually solved with the help of some of the methods we show you in this post. In case you still can’t identify what the fault is, it can also be a failure of Google services. As long as you are using their keyboard. In that case, an update may solve the problem. Thanks for reading. Goodbye!

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