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What is Svchost in Windows 10?

Hello! Most users are familiar with the task manager. Indeed, this tool displays real-time information about various aspects of the system. For example, network activity, users, services and running processes. This is very useful to determine if any element is consuming more resources. Surely you have seen several processes running. Well, today we will talk about what is svchost in Windows 10.

What does svchost do in Windows 10?

You may notice that this process appears several times repeated in the task manager. In addition, each one is consuming resources independently. If you have a computer with sufficient resources, you will not notice the impact. However, on a modest computer, it is a different story. First of all, I want to tell you that it is not a good idea to close such a process. Since its importance in the system is fundamental. Indeed, we are talking about a service host so it hosts services running on Windows 10.

What is its main function? Every time Windows runs a service, it uses the svchost process to make it work. Therefore, every time there are several open, it means that there are several active services. Please remember that Windows is capable of having several processes open at the same time. Svchost.exe refers to dynamic link libraries to run any kind of services. Consequently, these programs should not have in their programming, codes from these libraries. Since the process allows access to them. Therefore, there is a storage saving. Since the programs do not have to access the functions of these DLLs.

On the other hand, Windows runs several svchost processes for security. That is, if an error occurs for a specific application, only that specific element will fail. If the svchost processes were grouped into one, then they would all crash at once. This would cause the system to crash. I must confess that in this case, the Windows developers did very well. Since they managed to protect the system from isolated failures. Therefore, we can continue to use the computer despite the error of a process. Since the rest of the processes are protected.

How to examine a svchost process

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Sometimes it is necessary to check a process svchost.exe to see if it is causing failures. Let’s see how to do it.

Using the task manager.

The easiest way to do this is to use the task manager. Since we will see all the services that are running. Consequently, we verify which one is causing failures. The first thing you have to do is to press the combination Control+Shift+Esc. This shortcut will open the task manager directly. It is well known that there are several tabs. Indeed, we will have access to info about network consumption, memory consumption, among others. However, we are interested in the monitor of open processes. So click on the Processes tab and locate the open svchost processes. Finally, select the problematic one and close it with the right mouse button. But keep in mind that you must be sure of what you are doing. You may compromise the stability of the system.

Problems with svchost.

There are two possible problems with svchost.exe. The first is that some of them are broken. Either the process, the library or even the program linked to it. In this case, the problem is to find out which process is wrong. It is not usual that the process fails, so it is normal that it is the linked program that is failing.

The second problem is that hackers use these processes to attack the system. Due to the importance of Windows 10, criminals have managed to emulate this process. And in this way sneak malicious software that is definitely hosted on the system. Consequently, the solution is to use a good antivirus program. And use common sense. Well, we have seen that the svchost process in Windows 10. Have you had problems with this process? How did you solve it? Tell us more in the comments section. Bye!

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