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We bring you all the information about GPT-4

Hello! Today we will tell you about GPT-4. It was not the first artificial intelligence available to everyone, but it was the most popular. Indeed, ChatGPT 3.5 was launched at the end of November 2022 and since then it has been the talk of the town. In fact, many are talking about its ability to overtake Google in its ability to solve queries. Moreover, it is likely to influence the way subjects are assessed because it is an effective tool for cheating. There are even those who use it to flirt on websites like Tinder. OpenAI seems to be in a privileged position in this new race to take artificial intelligence everywhere. For the time being, it has already succeeded in enhancing Microsoft’s Bing search engine, and in what a way.

However, OpenAI is not standing still and already has its next artificial intelligence in the pipeline: it is GPT-4 and promises to improve the popular conversational chat.

What is GPT-4?

Let’s take into account OpenAI’s nomenclature for its artificial intelligence language models. Consequently, GPT-4 will probably be the name of the next version. It has previously presented the previous versions: GPT in 2018, GPT-2 in 2019, GPT-3 in 2020 and finally the current and current, GPT-3.5 (2022).

Therefore, GPT-4 will be a chatbot trained to perform language-linked tasks:

  • Text generation.
  • Syntax correction.
  • Translation.
  • Adaptation.
  • Summaries.
  • Answers to complex questions.
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It certainly has unquestionable language skills. However, his greatest asset is the level of understanding, contextualization, naturalness, and creativity he applies to his answers. This next generation ChatGPT pretends to be so accurate and consistent that it can respond as if it were a person. Consequently, this will mean that it will continue to improve in the Turing test.

How will it work?

Like its predecessors, GPT-4 will undergo intensive training with a large amount of data. Therefore, it will be used to learn and generate a language as close as possible to that of humans. Behind this model is the Transformer architecture, which is common in OpenAI development processes. This processing technique was introduced by Google in 2017. Its goal is innovation in the way of implementing able to adapt the model. In this way, it manages to make it effective and efficient in various tasks.

The Transformer architecture is responsible for converting each word into a numeric vector through its layers. This is then mathematically processed by a neural network. In other words, this is its way of understanding. In addition to layers, GPT models work with a vast set of parameters shaped during the automatic learning process. This influence is present in both model performance and accuracy.

New Bing interface with ChatGPT

Like its predecessors, GPT-4 will be a language model with artificial intelligence with training to improve. It will also be exploited in different systems, just as GPT-3 has been, integrated into Microsoft’s new Bing search engine. GPT-4 is expected to go beyond writing assistants, translation and conversational chats. It could even reach voice assistants.

GPT -3.5 vs. GPT-4

Certainly, the potential of GPT-4 remains unknown. However, it is likely to evolve in all areas of application.. However, according to the ChatGPT-3 development paper, this tool has 12 layers and 175 billion parameters compared to 1.5 billion in GPT-2. There is a rumor circulating that GPT-4 would have 100 billion parameters. That is, almost 600 times more than the previous generation. There is a rumor circulating that GPT-4 would have 100 billion parameters. That is, almost 600 times more than the previous generation. However, Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, recently stated that this is complete bullshit

In any case, the evolution of the model is not limited exclusively to increasing the number of parameters. Moreover, increasing the computational capacity to carry it out costs millions of dollars per hour. This is therefore a constraint.

When will GPT-4 be available?

OpenAI is a discreet company when it comes to creating hype before its releases. In fact, we didn’t hear anything official about GPT-3.5 until November 30 last year. In this regard, there is also no official schedule with established dates for the arrival of GPT-4. However, it is probably that the launch could take place during 2023.

Either way, we look forward to the arrival of GPT-4. Undoubtedly, this type of technology is here to stay. Its uses and implications know no limits. Despite being in a recent stage, the future looks promising.

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