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The best extensions for ChatGPT

Since ChatGPT was launched on December 1st, it seems to have become ubiquitous in the media and on the Internet. Moreover, it seems that not a day goes by without a new feature being discovered. However, there are other ways to exploit the full functionality of this tool. For example, there is a way to do it using something as every day as the web browser. Read on to find out the best extensions for ChatGPT.


ChatGPT has access to an enormous amount of data. However, it has a limitation: none of this data is older than 2021. Therefore, any queries on current topics are theoretically out of the question. Fortunately – and this is something that many users are unaware of – we can also manually supply you with up-to-date links. After that, we can ask you to analyze your content before responding.

However, the task of manually supplying URLs can be tedious. This is where WebChatGPT comes in. In effect, this extension allows the browser to automatically search for a handful of links relevant to the queries we make to ChatGPT. Consequently, we will not have to do this task on our own.

To do this, simply activate the Web access control that will appear under the ChatGPT query text box. From there, you can also set the number of web results (between 1 and 10). In addition to which country, the searches will correspond to and how old the publications can be. Undoubtedly, one of the most useful extensions for ChatGPT.

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Link for Chrome/Edge.

Link for Firefox.


Basically, AIPRM for ChatGPT is a menu that provides access to ChatGPT prompts templates. This saves us time when thinking about what exactly we want to ask the AI, as well as optimizing our request.

They are prompts contributed by members of the AIPRM community. However, it also allows you to save your own prompts. Certainly, most of them have to do with the world of SEO and marketing. Although we can find all kinds of prompts, including some that help us create prompts for image generation, IAs.

Link for Chrome/Edge

Link for Firefox


HARPA AI is an ‘all-in-one’ that allows you to apply the power of ChatGPT to multiple tasks within your browser. For example:

  • Respond to emails and social media posts.
  • Summarize the content of any web article we are viewing.
  • Rewrite any text you want to publish.
  • Show us ChatGPT’s answers to our searches on the same search engine results page.
  • Extract data / prices / SEO keywords from web pages.

In addition, it is capable of performing functions outside ChatGPT. For example, it can check price variation and availability on Amazon. In my personal opinion, this ChatGPT extensions is the most complete of the list.

Link for Chrome/Edge.


This extension is specifically for replying to tweets in your browser using ChatGPT. In effect, it makes a bot icon appear in the Twitter web interface. It automatically generates our tweet by analyzing the content of the one we are replying to. And it not only replies to others: it also creates new tweets, based on the most commented topics of the moment.

Link for Edge/Chrome

YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

YouTube is an almost inexhaustible source of knowledge. However, sometimes the process of getting such information is exhausting. That is, accessing transcripts of long videos, copying them, taking them to the translator (if it is in another language) and reading them to get an idea of what they say is a somewhat tedious task. Especially if you are not used to the work.

Fortunately, YouTube Summary with ChatGPT not only automates all of the above, but provides the text to ChatGPT to summarize for us.

Link for Chrome/Edge


Sometimes we will want to share online one of the conversations we have with ChatGPT. Especially, to make it easier for other users to access it. Unless it is very brief, screenshots or copy & paste are usually bad systems for this. Therefore, ShareGPT allows you to create a public backup of the conversation within its own platform, keeping the original format.

Link for Chrome/Edge


If the function provided by the above extension does not convince you, there is another way to share your conversations with ChatGPT. Indeed, FancyGPT allows us to generate images (with style templates), PDFs and text files that make it easy to disseminate the content of the same.

Link for Chrome/Edge

Summarize / InstantGPT

Summarize allows your browser to summarize the web page you are viewing at the click of a button. You won’t even need to switch tabs to read the summary. If you prefer the summary to be made only of the text you have previously selected, take a look at InstantGPT instead.

Install summarize for Chrome/Edge

Install InstantGPT for Chrome/Edge

ChatGPT Writer

This extension allows us to create e-mails and reply messages simply with a click, it only needs us to provide the original text. It integrates especially well with Gmail. However, it is compatible with any other webmail platform.

Link for Chrome/Edge

ChatGPT for Google / ChatGPT for Search Engines

Recall that Bing has implemented this technology using the name Bard. However, there is a way for Google to already have a text box that complements the searches we perform in it. Indeed, this extension will insert it in the sidebar of the results page. A similar alternative (compatible with many other search engines besides Google) is ChatGPT for Search Engines.

Copy for ChatGPT

What this extension does seems like a trifle. However, I find it very useful. Besides, I don’t understand why OpenAI hasn’t thought of it. Anyway, what the extension does is to insert a Copy to Clipboard button next to every response generated by ChatGPT.

Link for Chrome/Edge

Luna—ChatGPT for Chrome

Luna allows us to ask ChatGPT in the same search bar of the browser. That is, in the same way we do with search engines. Or select any text on a website and send it directly to ChatGPT.

Link for Chrome/Edge

Okay, so we have seen the best extensions for ChatGPT. This way, we will be able to squeeze the use of this powerful tool. See you soon!

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