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How to View Saved Wi-Fi Passwords on Windows

Wi-Fi is one of the most essential parts of our everyday life that powers all our smart devices on both home and offices. To connect with a Wi-Fi network, you have to know the password of the access point. However, when we’re not reconnecting to our home network for quite a long time, it’s very easy to assume that we often times forget the password. Willing to know how to do that?

Windows offer nice tricks to see the saved password of the connected Wi-Fi access point. Here’s how you have to do it.

How to see Wi-Fi Password(s)

We’ll be using command lines to see the password. This method works on all the Windows editions. However, it’s not tested on Windows XP.

  • Start an elevated Command Prompt.
  • Run this command:
netsh wlan show profiles
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You’ll see all the available wireless profiles listed under the “User Profiles” section. The name of the network will be on the right side of the section. Pick up the desired network name.

  • Now, run this command:
netsh wlan show profile name=<profile_name> key=clear

Exchange the place of <profile_name> with your desired network’s name.

This command will show up a lot of things. But we only need the password, right? Scroll down and find out “Key Content” under “Security settings” section.

The “Key Content” is the saved password of the Wi-Fi network.

This is a very simple trick, right? If you’re afraid of running commands, then follow this step-by-step, lengthy process.

  • Connect to your desired network.
  • Go to Control Panel >> Network and Internet >> Network and Sharing Center.

  • Click your network from the list of active networks. In my case, it’s “TP-LINK_8D72”.
  • Click “Wireless properties”.

  • From the new dialog box, go to “Security” tab.
  • Check “Show characters”.

You can easily see the password written there.

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