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Using Google Drive for Windows.

Hello! Today we will see what the Google Drive application for Windows is for. In addition, we will explore its functions. It is well known that Google Drive is the cloud storage service provided by Google. It allows you to access files from any device. In addition to create and edit documents with its office suite. However, it also offers an application for computers. Next we will see how Google Drive for Windows works.

What does Google Drive for Windows do?

We have discussed that Google Drive allows you to access files from different devices. However, it is also an office suite that allows you to edit text, generate presentations and work with spreadsheets. Well, the PC app works as a shortcut to the content stored in the cloud. It is therefore a good alternative to Microsoft’s OneDrive.

Therefore, by installing Google Drive for PC, you will be able to synchronize files. It is indeed possible to download items from the cloud, but you can also upload files from local storage. This aspect allows you to have your files always at hand. To take advantage of the 15 GB that Google gives for free. The downside is that you will not be able to directly edit documents in Google Docs and other apps. You will certainly see the files in the synchronized folder. But they are not editable documents. They are actually shortcuts to edit them online. Therefore, you will be able to synchronize and share your files. But the office functions are limited to use in the web browser.

How to download Google Drive for PC

The first thing you need to do is to log in to your Google Drive account. Once there, you have to click on the cogwheel. This will bring up a small menu of options. Please click on Get backup and sync for Windows.

Getting Google Drive for Windows
Getting Google Drive for Windows
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You will be redirected to the Google Drive tools download page. You can also go directly from here. Please click on For Individuals and confirm the download.

The wizard will immediately start downloading the files needed for the installation. Then, the tool configuration process begins.

Starting the Google Drive for Windows configuration
Starting the Google Drive for Windows configuration

The first thing you have to do is to log in with your Google credentials.

Logging in to Google
Logging in to Google

Next, select the folders on the computer you want to synchronize. This is an optional step. In fact, just uncheck all the boxes. In addition, we can also send the photos and videos to Google Photos.

Once this is done, the synchronization process will begin. You can see how the Google Drive icon now appears in the file explorer.

Google Drive for Windows synchronizing files.
Google Drive for Windows synchronizing files.

So we have seen how to set up Google Drive for Windows 10. It is always advantageous to have cloud storage options. See you soon!


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