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Top 8 features for power users in Windows 10

Hello! Windows 10 is full of features and functions. In fact, that’s one of the reasons it’s so popular and used. Because it can be handled by both novice and expert users. In fact, today we will look at the top 8 features for power users in Windows 10.

What is a power user? Why do they need features in Windows 10

A Power User is a user with more advanced knowledge than the average user. He usually likes to experiment and try out new options. Consequently, Microsoft provides these users with the possibility to obtain the maximum possibilities of Windows 10. However, these functions are not only focused on this target. They can be enjoyed by anyone. You probably even know some of them.

Windows Sandbox is a virtualized version within the same operating system.

If you want to try out apps and utilities without fear of spoiling the operating system, then this tool is for you. Indeed, Windows Sandbox is a test box that runs a fully functional version of Windows 10. However, it does so in a virtualized way. However, it does so in a virtualized way, so that any change or modification does not affect the main system. In fact, any change or modified file is lost when you shut down or restart the Sandbox. Ideal for safe testing and experimentation. If you want to know how to enable and use this tool, please check our post.

Windows Sandbox running on Windows 10
Windows Sandbox running on Windows 10

Synchronize your PC notes with your mobile

It is well known that Windows has notes app called Sticky Notes. However, it is possible to synchronize these notes and view them from an Android or iPhone mobile. With this in mind you only have to download the Microsoft OneNote app for Android or iOS. After opening the app, just go to the sticky notes section. There you can manage these elements.

Managing Sticky Notes from OneNote for Android
Managing Sticky Notes from OneNote for Android

Check and synchronize the activity from Timeline.

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Windows 10 has a very interesting function called timeline. This feature allows you to view all the activity performed in the last few days. In fact, you can check your open apps and files. Besides the exact date and time of the modification. It is enough to press the Win+Tab combination to see a count of the recently developed activity.

Windows Timeline
Windows Timeline

Virtual Desktops

These elements allow you to organize the opening of windows and programs. In fact, it is possible to allocate one desktop for personal things and another for work tasks. In addition, you can switch between them by pressing the combination Win+Ctrl+Arrow. To manage virtual desktops, just press the Win+Tab combination. From there, you can add, delete or rename them.

Virtual Desktops in Windows 10
Virtual Desktops in Windows 10

Keyboard shortcuts for almost everything

Keyboard shortcuts are very useful for quick actions. Indeed, its use in Windows 10 is practical because it allows you to open many utilities and tools. Although there are many desktop shortcuts, here is an interesting list:

  • Windows + Q: opens the Start menu search engine.
  • Win key: opens the start menu.
  • Windows + E: opens the Windows Explorer.
  • Win + R: executes the “run” window.
  • Windows + I: opens the configuration panel.
  • Win + P: the side panel with the projection options is executed.
  • Windows + A: the notification panel is executed.

Utility Snip and Sketch

This feature is even more complete than the trimming tool. It will even replace it completely later. This app allows you to make full screen captures, make annotations, capture certain sections, etc. It is even possible to add timers to make a capture after a few seconds. There are many more options that you should keep exploring.

Snip and Sketch
Snip and Sketch

Using the God mode

The God Mode is a folder that contains many quick and well sorted configuration options. Consequently, it is a very attractive feature for Power Users. In short, it is a kind of improved Control Panel with many options. In order to use it, it must be enabled. Check out our guide. However, we must warn that this function must be used by advanced users. It can cause serious damage to the system. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

God Mode in Windows 10
God Mode in Windows 10

All apps in one folder

This simple command gives access to a folder where all the apps are installed. This includes both system-installed and user-installed apps. Surely, you’ll see programs you didn’t even know were on the system. To view this folder, just open the file browser and in the address bar paste the following:


Finally, we have seen the top 8 features of Windows 10 for power users. As you can see, they are very interesting options to explore in the system. See you soon!

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