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Theme your Linux with openDesktop

Linux is one of the best operating systems available all over the world. There are lots of versions, sub-versions of it, but one of the best parts of using Linux is theming. Definitely, you can change almost every single thing in the OS. In fact, there are tons of different Linux distros just for the different look and slightly different working style. Nevertheless, there are lots of themes available online from openDesktop and you can easily change the look of your distro.

Today, let’s take a look at openDesktop – the awesome app for installing & managing tons of themes from different sources.

Downloading openDesktop

In order to use the application, you have to download the software in your system. The program is available as an AppImage, meaning that it’s portable and can be used in any version of Linux.

Download openDesktop. Assuming that your download is saved in the “Downloads” folder, let’s mark the file as executable.

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cd ~/Downloads

chmod +x opendesktop

Using openDesktop

Now, you can double-click the AppImage file and start browsing through the vast collection of different icons, cursors, themes etc.

Double-click and run the app. You’ll find lots of available themes, icons and other customizability options out there.

How to install the theme(s)

In order to install a theme, browse through the collection and open your favorite one. For example, I wish to install this “Droid Shell” theme.

Scroll down and click on the “Files” tab.

Now, click on the OCS-Install section next to the proper download option. Don’t worry; you can try out other downloads and easily uninstall the old ones.

After the download is complete, click on the “Installed” option from the top bar.

From here, you can easily manage your theme – activate, deactivate or remove anything you want.

Desktop environment oriented option

If you want to filter the theme for more compatibility with your system, you can change the homepage to other pages like GNOME-Look, XFCE-Look etc.

Let’s enjoy all the awesome themes you can find out! You should also try out Vimix – a really cool theme for Linux system.

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