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The most useful Google tools

Google is one of the most powerful companies in the world. Indeed, it is well known for its search engine. However, it also has many tools that it makes available to the user. Moreover, Google’s free tools are very efficient. And they are a great help for a free user. It is well known that we can send emails, share files online, check the weather or even translate sentences. Therefore, the company provides multiple tools and applications. Which serve to improve communication or manage a business. Consequently, there are many opportunities that Google puts at our disposal. So let’s take a look at the most useful Google tools.

Google useful tools for everyday use.

Here are the tools that are very useful both in the work and personal environment.


This is a tool that is as useful as it is necessary. Indeed, one of the first actions that were done on the Internet was to send an e-mail. Therefore, its implementation is very old. Moreover, Google offers one of the best e-mail services ever. This is confirmed by its more than 1.5 billion users.

Google Calendar

This tool is installed by default on many Android devices. However, it is not necessary to use this system to have it. Besides, it has a lot of functions. We can schedule events or create a shared calendar with coworkers. It is even possible to synchronize the birthdays of contacts. It is even possible to create multiple calendars.

Google Docs

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This is Google’s word processor. Therefore, we will be able to edit and write documents easily. It also offers similar functionalities to Microsoft Word. Perhaps its most interesting feature is the ability to share the document with others. In addition to being able to view and edit them at the same time. Recently it has been included the possibility to edit the documents without an internet connection.

Google Sheets

It offers the same functionalities as Excel. But with a considerable saving of resources. They are so similar that it is even possible to paste data between them without losing formatting. Moreover, applying formulas and creating tables is a very simple process. Thanks to its intuitive interface.

Google Forms

Google also provides tools to gather information. These forms are very useful for conducting surveys. So they can be used by students to complete academic assignments. They can also be used to collect information for a study. Or as a template for confirming attendance at events.

Google Analytics

One of the most complete Google tools for business use. Since it is used to monitor what happens on the website. Even if it is personal or professional. In addition, the information it provides is very complete. We can see the origin of visits, location of visitors, time spent on our website, impression by keywords, etc.

Google Translate

It is undoubtedly one of Google’s most used tools. It allows you to translate texts or images into more than 20 languages. Surely you have used it when traveling.

Google Calculator

What can we say about such a useful tool? It is certainly a great help to do mathematical calculations. Which includes multiple daily operations. From budgeting a purchase or making a simple sum.

Google Maps

The ideal tool to move around the world. Google Maps can take us anywhere. Although it sometimes makes mistakes, it is still an almost essential app. Its main function is to map and calculate the time of travel on foot, by car or public transport. However, it is possible to create custom maps. Where we can point out places of personal interest.

Ultimately we have seen the most useful Google tools. Now you just have to make the best use of them according to your needs. See you soon!

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