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How you can password protect your Google search history

Hello! It is well known that Google history is very important. Indeed, a lot of information and personal data is stored there. So an excellent security measure is to secure it with a password. Therefore, today we will learn more about Google’s history and what it is used for. Besides, it is something that most users don’t care about. Because the first thing we think about is only the internet browsing history. However, it is more than that. Because Google has its own history. In this history are recorded personal data. For which it is convenient to protect them. So today we will see how you can password protect your Google search history.

What is Google History?

Surely when you browse, you see advertisements in your browser. The most curious thing is that this advertising is usually related to something we have been looking at recently. This is due to the fact that Google’s biggest revenues come through its search engine. Therefore, advertising is very important. In addition, this advertising is more effective as they get to know our tastes. This is where Google history plays a key role. Since it allows us to observe our tastes and what we search for on the network. Therefore, it stores the user’s movements to capture relevant information.

Consequently, when you enter the Google search history, the search activity is displayed. Of course, this history is related to the open account. Moreover, it is displayed in great detail. On the other hand, the location history is also stored. Which manages the places where the user has been. Additionally, Google Maps searches appear. Therefore, advertising is even more personalized. With all this information, Google is profiling the subject. Consequently, it refines searches and advertisements according to tastes and habits. Which is very interesting for advertising. But it is very dangerous for the user’s privacy.

Google History activity

How to view Google history

This is very simple to do. In fact, just go to this address:

  • https://myactivity.google.com/.
  • Once there, different sections are displayed that configure the saved information.
  • Three sections appear at the top. Namely, web and app activity, location history and YouTube history. In addition, an activity indicator appears.
  • A search engine appears below. It works as a filter to find all the activity. Either by Google products or by date.
Filtering the search in the Google search history.
Filtering the search in the Google search history.
  • Finally, if you continue to scroll down you will see a summary of all the activity.

How to protect your Google search history with password-protection

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Before doing this, one requirement is necessary.

  • The activity tab on the Web and App must be active. That is, say Yes below.
Activating the Web and App activity in Google.
Activating the Web and App activity in Google.
  • Now it is necessary to click on Manage My Activity verification.
  • In the next box, click on Require extra verification.
Enabling extra verification
Enabling extra verification
  • Next, you have to enter your Google account password.
  • After entering the password, we will return to the My Activity screen. However, all the information is no longer displayed. Instead, a blue sign appears.
  • Now, in order to view the history, just click on Verify. Consequently, just add the Google password.

Ultimately, we have seen how you can password protect your Google search history. Certainly, Google is very instrusive on privacy. But with this method, at least we will be able to hide the history from third parties. See you soon!

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