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The Best KDE Plasma Widgets

KDE Plasma is one of the most favorite desktop environments of the entire Linux community. It offers really polished and catchy graphical interface with lots of customizability. Although it is a bit resource hungry than other lightweight desktop environments, it offers quite an awesome experience for everyone.

KDE Plasma is also full of powerful and useful widgets. The huge collection offers even more customizability and other features. However, for new users, this huge collection is nothing like a big mess. It only makes it harder for them to find out the proper one. That’s why there are some of the best and essential ones to try out.

Note that you can customize as much as you want in the default setup to make it suitable for your needs as well.

  • KDE Connect

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This powerful widget allows you keep the track of all your things in one place. For example, you can see your smartphone notifications, battery warning, and all other kinds of stuff in just one place.

This widget enables KDE to stand out of all other choices. KDE Connect is available on Android. For KDE fans, this is a must-have.

Learn more how to install KDE Connect. After installing, you have to install KDE Connect Indicator. Get KDE Connect on Android.

  • Win7 Volume Mixer

If anyone has ever used Windows 7, you’ve definitely noticed the volume section. It allowed you to control the sound of different apps differently. This feature isn’t commonly available on Linux desktops because all the sounds are played as one sound. You change the volume altogether, not separately.

Thanks to this superb widget, you can now get the feeling of Windows 7 volume mixer back on your KDE Plasma. Check out Win7 Volume Mixer!

  • KSmoothDock

If you’re a fan of the elementary OS or the dock system, KSmoothDock is your most suitable choice. KDE offers this great widget to give you the best feel of macOS. It’s extremely customizable and simple to understand. Whenever you hover your cursor on the apps, they even zoom, just like macOS.

Despite acting like macOS, this widget also bears the inheritance of Linux apps and mimic the panel functionality. This is also refreshing to switch from the traditional to the new look. Get KSmoothDock now!

  • Simple Menu

Minimalistic themes are the most powerful ones in the present days. They offer simpler interface and workflow, thus allowing more focus on the work. Moreover, simplistic & minimalistic designs consume less hardware resource, leaving plenty of room for other tasks.

If you’re a fan of the classic system, you will obviously love Simple Menu. This widget is very simplistic app launcher for the Plasma desktop.

I personally love this widget for its usability. Just try it out, you won’t regret. Get Simple Menu today!

Enjoy your time on Linux with KDE Plasma! LibreOffice is the best office suite as a free software. Learn how to update LibreOffice to the latest version.

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