How to Install Apache, MariaDB, PHP7 (LAMP) on openSUSE Leap 15


This is my first test installing LAMP on OpenSUSE Leap 15. I know that OpenSUSE 15 leap has moved to firewalld instead of SuSEfirewall2, the rest I think will stay the same.

My  environment:

The server is OpenSUSE 15



Let’s start.

How to Install Apache, MariaDB, PHP7 (LAMP) on openSUSE Leap 15

Install   Apache

Enable and Start Apache :

Apr 18 16:04:04 suse15 systemd[1]: Starting The Apache Webserver…
Apr 18 16:04:04 suse15 systemd[1]: Started The Apache Webserver.
lines 1-16/16 (END)

Add  apache  to the Firewall rules and  reload the firewall to activate the rule :

Create Home page : 

Find Document Root directory

Create index page :

cd /srv/www/htdocs/
echo “<h1>This is Apache OpenSUSE Leap 15. from Osradar team</h1>” > index.html

Now check http://ip or http://fqdn

Install and Configure MariaDB

MariaDB has become the standard MySQL server alternative for many Linux distributions

Install MariaDB server and client.


Enable and start MariaDB 

Now let’s create MariaDB root password 

Test MariaDB root password:

Log in and  create osradar database

Install PHP7 and Related Modules 

Enable PHP7 and restart Apache

Create PHP Test  page

Put the following PHP code into the file.

Save and exit.

Check now http://ip/test.php

Install phpMyAdmin

If you are not a professional on the command line, this tool will help you toMySQLge mysql/MariaDB  databases

Restart  Apache

Now check  phpMyadmin login page :


You are ready to go! Now, you can manage your server. Let us know if this tutorial working for you and if you still need any help. Cheers !!!

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