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The 6 must-have apps on your Smart TV.

Surely this is not a new situation for you. Indeed, applications for Smart TVs are gradually increasing. Therefore, it is common to treat these devices almost like a Smartphone. Now, we can access all kinds of content from the sofa at home, as long as our TV is Smart TV. Consequently, this leads us to the next question. What are the must-have apps on your Smart TV?

Enjoy all the content on your Smart TV.

When you move from an old TV to a Smart TV, obviously the viewing options multiply. There is a huge universe around them. That’s why it’s so interesting to have what are the best apps we can install on our latest generation TV, as you know. In reality, Smart TVs offer many features that are highly attractive. We are talking about network connection, movie playback, content recording. However, their most exciting feature is the one that allows us to use hundreds of applications to squeeze their full potential.

This is how we can come up with great diversity of ideas for all those apps compatible with Smart TV. The idea is to install them to turn our TV into a personalized entertainment center. Best of all, they will all make sure you have the best on your device, being essential for all the uses you can give it.

Everything you can install

That is why this list is relevant. It allows you to access a wide variety of content from Smart TV applications. Sports applications, games for the little ones at home, cooking recipes, applications for listening to music, thinking games, even applications for watching movies on Smart TV.

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In short, you will be able to find the applications that best suit your tastes and needs. Surely you will know some of them in the list. However, we are sure that more than one will surprise in equal parts for all that we can have in our smart TV.


There are many users who use Kodi on their Smart TV or Android TV Box as a local and streaming media player. However, this is a very powerful application that allows us to do almost everything thanks to its add-ons.

For example, we can install Retroplayer. We are talking about a Kodi function that allows you to install various classic console emulators. For example, NES, Mega Drive, Super Nintendo, MAME, Dreamcast, etc. From there, we only have to add the corresponding ROMs from a USB flash drive. Finally, just connect a gamepad to the TV via Bluetooth and start playing.

VLC MediaPlayer

If you want to get a video playback experience on Android TV, VLC Media Player is the app for you. This impressive media player supports almost all video codecs. It also supports network streaming. In addition to most types of audio files and DVD ISO. It may be the best full-featured media player on Android TV app.


In another order of things, we find Plex. And it is one of the most used tools when making a DLNA connection between devices on the same local network. It is a very useful technology, in fact, we will be able to transmit the multimedia content that we have hosted on our computer directly to our TV.

It will work as long as our TV and computer are connected to the same network. No matter if it is by cable or Wi-Fi. We will be able to have, for example, a catalog of movies, music or personalized videos on our computer. Consequently, we will be able to enjoy on our TV + Smart TV thanks to the application of the TV and the server, called Plex Media Server. Obviously, we will have to install it on our computer beforehand.

Once installed, both applications will be interconnected. In this way, we will be able to access all those multimedia files stored on our computer. And best of all, from the comfort of the sofa and the remote control of our TV.


Another one of the best-postulated apps to install on your Smart TV is AirScreen. We are talking about the most advanced wireless streaming receiver for AirPlay, Cast, Miracast and DLNA. It allows your device to receive screen mirroring, photos, music, videos and other media. Source devices can be from cell phones, tablets, laptops and other devices via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. This certainly allows you to experience the fun of sharing almost all content with family and friends on a larger screen.


We also have SmartTubeNext. It is an open source YouTube client that you can download from GitHub. With this app, we can watch any existing video from the platform. We can even log in with our Google account to access all the content viewed or playlists created.

An application that highlights two features such as that we can see additional information, such as the codec being used, bitrate. It also allows you to watch any video without advertising. This also includes the blocking of promotional content found within some videos.


The Tivify app is another of the most complete and best arranged applications that we have in our Smart TV. It is a platform to watch DTT without having to tune the channels. We can access via app and has a free plan. However, it also has a paid service that expands the possibilities for the user. Very well, in this way we have seen The 6 must-have apps on your Smart TV. GoodBye!

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