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The 11 best tricks for Windows 11

Windows 11 is already a reality. Indeed, it has entered our homes to stay for a long time. Therefore, we bring you the best 11 tricks for Windows 11. Actually, they are functions to thoroughly master the new Microsoft operating system.

How to move the start menu to the left

One of the great new features of Windows 11 is the start menu. Among some of its new features, it is located almost at the center of the screen. However, if you prefer the classic aspect, then you can modify it. This way, the experience will be similar to that of Windows 10. To get this change, you must go to Windows Settings by pressing the Win+I combination. Once there, just click on Personalization. Now, in the menu on the right, click on Taskbar.

In the following window, we will see multiple options to customize the taskbar. However, the one that interests us is the one related to the behavior of the taskbar. Now, in the taskbar alignment, you have to choose Left.

Aligning the start menu to the left of the screen.
Aligning the start menu to the left of the screen.

Configuring the dictation function.

Some users tend to do a lot of typing on the computer. As a result, fatigue sets in. Therefore, you will get a lot out of this function. Indeed, we will be able to use voice dictation. With this in mind, just press the Win+H combination.

Configuring voice dictation in Windows 11
Configuring voice dictation in Windows 11
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From now on, just click on the microphone icon to start configuring the function. You will also be able to activate auto punctuation, which helps to detect pauses. This function and others are available in the feature settings.

Record your desktop screen

This trick can be very useful at times. Indeed, we will be able to record the screen using Windows 11. That is to say, without having to resort to third-party programs. To start recording the screen or window, you have to go to the Xbox Game Bar. Once there, just click on the save button. I would like to point out that you will not be able to capture the desktop or file explorer. But you will be able to do it in the other places.

Easily hide desktop icons

A tidy desk is a symbol of a well-structured system. So this trick goes for those who like to have a clean desktop. It also applies if you want to record your screen. Also, a clean desktop speeds up system load time. With this in mind, we will use the context menu. With this in mind, right-click on a space on the desktop. Next, click on View. In the next menu, uncheck the Show desktop icons option.

Activate night light

Windows 11 integrates a night light system. This functionality was already present in Windows 10. It allows activating warmer colors on the screen during certain hours. This light helps us to rest the sight of the screen, besides being ideal to place it at night. A help for people like me, who usually work a lot at night. To activate it, press Win+I to go to Windows Settings. Once there, follow the path below: System>Display>Night Light. From there you can decide its intensity and the hours at which it is activated. Undoubtedly one of the best tricks for Windows 11

Enabling night mode in Windows 11
Enabling night mode in Windows 11

Minimize windows by shaking another

Windows 11 offers the possibility of minimizing windows that we are not using with a shake. Something very useful and undoubtedly very dynamic for the users. With this intention, you only must grab a window with the left button of the mouse and then shake it. The rest of the windows that you are not using at that moment will be minimized. To activate this function, please follow this path: Windows Settings>System>Multitasking>Title bar window shake.

Latest search results

A very useful function is to be able to access the latest search results. Access to this data is easier than ever. It is not even necessary to click on the search icon. Just hover your cursor over it, and you will immediately see the most recent search result.

Showing the results of the most recent search
Showing the results of the most recent search

Translator and calculator in the start menu

We already mentioned that the Windows 11 start menu has evolved a lot. Some of its new features include some quick functions such as using the translator or the calculator directly. You only have to access this menu by pressing the Windows button. To activate the calculator, just enter the mathematical operation you want to perform. To use the translation, just enter the term accompanied by the word translate. Take a look at the following examples:

This way we have seen the 11 best tricks for Windows 11. They will certainly help you to get the most out of the new Windows operating system. See you later!

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