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How to remove viruses without installing anything

Hello! There are many security threats that can affect devices. These can be a computer or a cell phone. Indeed, There are many types...

3 ways to know if a file has a virus

At all times, we must take special care with the files that are part of our computer. In addition, we must verify that they...

How an exploit works and how to protect ourselves from it.

An exploit is one of the many security threats that can affect the operation of our systems. It is important to be protected and...

What does a Trojan do on your computer and how to avoid it?

There are many types of computer attacks that can compromise security when surfing the Internet. It also happens when using any device. Today we...

A new threat is attacking Windows without being detected.

Hello, how are you? Security is a fundamental concern for all users of an operating system. In fact, this aspect has been strongly criticized...

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