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How to install AngularCLI on Ubuntu 18.04?

At present, the field of web application development is quite competitive. Every day there are more tools that are focused on this area. Of...

How to install NodeJS on OpenSUSE 15 / OpenSUSE 15.1?

NodeJS is a practically vital tool in web development, but not only for developers. Many sysadmins require it to be running on servers so...

How to install Nodejs on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS / Ubuntu 19.04?

If you're a developer or just starting out in that world, you've probably heard of node.js, this fantastic platform built on Chrome's JavaScript interpreter...

Monaco a web-based editor on Ubuntu 18.04 / Linux Mint 19

On the Internet, there are applications for many things. Some of them are very valuable for our organization and we constantly talk about them...

How to install NodeJS on CentOS 7?

As I have been saying in other posts, web technologies are a predominant market among developers. Therefore, all knowledge of this nature is focused...

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