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How to install Laragon on Windows 10.

Hi! We have previously discussed options for setting up a web server on Windows 10. Indeed, we discussed alternatives such as XAMP, WampServer and...

How to install Laravel on Ubuntu 20.04?

As PHP is one of the most successful and popular programming languages out there, it is logical to find many different frameworks. Some of...

How to install Laravel on CentOS 8?

We recently talked about CakePHP on CentOS 8. It is a pretty good PHP framework and fast in terms of generating the application as...

How to install Laravel PHP Framework on OpenSUSE 15?

OpenSUSE is a Linux distribution, sponsored by SUSE. It is a great new distribution, stable and with outstanding tools like Yast. That's why more...

How to Install Laravel on Ubuntu 18.04

In this tutorial, we will get to the process of how to install Laravel on UBUNTU 18.04. However, let’s have a description What is...

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