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Switch is a free alternative dock for Windows 10.

Hello! Windows 10 continues to increase its market penetration share. This is due in part to its ease of use. Indeed, the system is designed to provide the best experience. In fact, there are several keyboard shortcuts and features designed to increase productivity. For example, there is the classic Alt+TAB combination used to switch between windows. This function is quite fast and quite efficient. Therefore, if you like this feature, then this app is for you. Switch, is a free, open source project available at GitHub. A Windows version is currently available and a macOS version is on the way. Well, in this post we will see what is Switch, the free alternative dock for Windows 10.

Switch works as a dock and application changer.

In the first place, download the dock from this link. The operation of this dock is extremely simple as it only has two functions. It behaves as an alternative dock and as an application changer. Once installed, an empty dock with 8 available spaces will be added. In these spaces it is possible to add the shortcuts of any application. Either by dragging the access from the desktop

Drag the shortcut to the dock to add it.
Drag the shortcut to the dock to add it.

You can also add the app to the dock using the + sign. Immediately a window will open where you must find the executable to add.

Add the executable to the Dock.
Add the executable to the Dock.

Each icon in the dock corresponds to a keyboard shortcut: ALT+1, ALT+2, ALT+3 and so on until you reach ALT+8. Similarly, the configuration of the program allows you to control some aspects such as:

  • The Dock hides automatically.
  • By bringing an app to the front with your shortcut, it will be seen in a maximized window.
  • The position of the dock can be placed on the left or right side of the screen.


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Ultimately we have seen what is Switch, the free alternative dock for Windows 10. This app brings new desktop shortcuts for favorite apps. Besides, it is a free and open source program very easy to install and manage. I hope this post is useful to you. Before saying goodbye, I invite you to see our post about the new icons in Windows 10. Bye!

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