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Squid Proxy allow access to some specific websites and deny all via webmin GUI

By default when you first install Squid Proxy you will find no any internet access is allowed to your clients. To allow allow specific web sites via squid Proxy webmin gui below are the steps first we will allow all websites to grant access to every thing via proxy as per below screen shoot you don’t had access to any website and blocked

  • Allow all websites login to your webmin GUI web based portal on the left pane click on servers here you will find squid proxy click on squid proxy you will find screen as per below image
  • Click in access control Circle red
  • once you click access control you will find option access control list and below screen
  • Select webserver Reg Exp from drop down menu
  • click on create new ACL
  • It will forward you to create access control list to be allowed for websites
  • as per screen below Please name your ACL in my case i Put MSN_allow Please note there should not be any space between name you may use _ instead of space
  • In browser Regexp field Please enter the web address www.msn.com
  • Please note don’t put http:// or https://
  • your address must ends till .com or .org or .pk other webpages addresses are not required once you put web address it will allow all the web site
  • you can have more than one web address per line each address should be in separate line
  • Click on Save button
  • Click on return to ACL
  • As per below screen click on second option Proxy restriction
  • click on add proxy restriction from bottom above to delete button
  • select allow then select MSN_Allow
  • Click Save
  • You will find MSN Allow at last
  • for any firewall Rule the first come first serves and rest ignored so if msn_allow is at the end it will will not work because deny all is above to when squid reach at deny all it will ignore below options to allow
  • For this you have to move it up with arrows for up and down once you click up arrow it will move it to one position up if you want to move up more then press up arrow again until your settings and no any deny for www.msn.com as i moved it up to forth number
  • after doing above steps come back to squid first page by clicking on return index button
  • click on apply configuration
  • check your website is allowed now
  • if you want to deny www.msn.com do the same steps but instead of clicking allow select deny as mentioned above and move it to right position
  • Here is your web access is allowed for msn.com
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  1. Hi
    thanks for information, only problem is Https, its not allowing Https traffic, can you please let me know how to add https website. i tried above menthod but it didnt worked.


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