Set a static IP address in FreeBSD


Default Configuration of the Network on FreeBSD is DHCP. Let me show you how to change or set IP addresses from Dynamic to Static. i will take this example from my FreeBSD  VM. but that should work  also for bare metal servers.

My   Network Configuration i :

Netmask  : This 0xffffff00 is written in dotted-quad notation as

Find  My gateway

DNS Server

Because its an VM, the DNS server is the same as the gateway. in your case my DNS is something else.

The actual status of rc.conf file.

Lets  change  the Ip from  DHCP to static  ip / default  gateway is with adding the two lines  to  rc.conf

Restart the network Services with.

Waaw cool !!

Connect from Other Server and see if the new Ip working


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