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Secret Google Search: 10 tricks to blow your mind.

Let’s be honest. Nowadays, it seems almost impossible to live without a search engine. In fact, most users of my generation have been using this search engine for as long as we can remember. In fact, the Google search engine is a mark of cultural identity. Certainly, we have grown up with it and feel it as part of our essence. Moreover, it has not only taught us a lot of things. In fact, it has offered us hours and hours of entertainment. We have enjoyed other tools and tricks that Google has in store for those who use its search engine. Here are some of the best secret Google searches.

Play Snake, the classic snake game.

A classic that has never died. In fact, it has only been adapted: Atari, Game Boy. Besides of course on Nokia, internet via Slither.io, YouTube and even on Google Maps. No need to rummage through the junk room to find your Nokia 3310. Just open your browser, go to Google and type “play Snake“. Now, hit search, click on the blue ‘Play’ button and enjoy. The same simple dynamic as always, that has not lost any of its appeal.

Play Pac-Man

Entertaining yourself in idle time can be very simple. Even if you don’t have games installed or access to them, it can be on the way to work or even at work. We give you the tricks, and you are the one who has to choose when to put them into practice.

Another game that you have at hand simply by typing it in the search engine is the mythical Pac-Man. As easy as typing “Play Pacman“, “Play Pac-man” or even just “Pacman” and, once you press “Enter” to activate the command, the fully playable doodle will appear. By the way, if you click on the arrow just below, you will have access to other equally simple but entertaining games.

Discover the effects of gravity on your screen

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This is a little trick to draw a smile on your face or to make someone’s jaw drop. Simply go to the search bar and type “Google Gravity”. In this case do not hit search or press “Enter”, you will have to press “I’m feeling lucky“. There is no photo here, we leave it up to you to discover the effect of gravity on your computer’s flesh.

Heads or tails: let Google’s randomness choose for you

There are moments in life when you have to choose: to watch this movie or that one? To have dinner at this restaurant or that one? Who throws out the garbage today? As a result, we sometimes opt for chance, but we don’t always have a coin or a dice at hand. What you do usually have nearby is your cell phone.

In this specific case, you must enter the command toss a coin or roll a die. Then, run the search, and you will see the animation of the coin or the dice until both elements stop moving, giving you the solution. In the latter case, you can also choose how many sides of the die to throw.

Fun facts

We know that the Internet is an inexhaustible source of information. We know that the Internet is an inexhaustible source of information. Depending on the source, it may or may not be reliable. Moreover, this information can be useful or not. In this sense, it can be useful to break the ice in a conversation or even win a TV contest like “Who wants to be a millionaire“. In the Google search bar type “Fun Facts” and you will discover some.

Test internet speed

Whether you suspect that your Internet connection speed is slower than it should be or you simply want to know, you don’t need an additional application. Just type “internet speed test”, hit search and start it by pressing the blue button. In a matter of seconds, you will get the results.

As Google itself explains, this test usually involves a transfer of less than 40 MB of data. It also takes less than 30 seconds and is performed via Measurement Lab, which with your IP address will perform it.

Find out what noises animals make

You may be a curious person. Or you simply have children in the house. Especially in this case, you may want to amaze them. Consequently, you can try something that is not only fun but also didactic, type “animal sounds” in the Google search bar and hit search.

Then you will see a series of drawings of the respective animals with their names just below. This is perfect for kids to learn to associate noises with the animal in question. Some are as common as the rooster or the cat, but you will also find the bowhead whale.

A special place for mathematics lovers

Everyone knows that by typing “calculator” in Google and hitting search, you can have a calculator at hand that can get you out of a lot of trouble in your day-to-day life. However, what not everyone knows is that by typing this formula and hitting “Enter”, Google will return it represented, and it will surely soften your mathematical heart.


What animal are you?

Throughout our lives, we have asked ourselves many questions. Surely many of them are transcendental. However, some are hilarious to say the least. For example, if you’ve ever wondered what animal you are, then this is for you.

Simply write “Earth Day quiz” then just click on search.

Fidget spinner

Fashions are as inexplicable as they are cyclical. You probably had fun with gadgets that are totally unimaginable today. For example, there is the classic fidget spinner. On the other hand, you can always turn to Google to rescue via typing “Fidget Spinner” to this toy. Hit “Enter” and be entertained by its spinning.

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