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Python Programming Losing Popularity

Programming is one of the most important parts of operating a computer. A programmer tells the computer how to perform certain tasks using the hardware. The workflow is encoded with programs, aka software. In this modern age, software is basically the heart of everything. There’re numerous programming languages that can be used to create such software. Python is one of the major and most popular programming languages of all time. However, Python programming seems to keep losing its popularity. Check out top used programming and scripting languages.

python programming
python programming

Python is one of the easiest languages and the most popular introductory language to teach programming in the U.S. universities. It’s versatile, strong, simple, fast, open-source and cross-platform.  Moreover, Python is stable and going strong with newer and better releases regularly. Why Python losing popularity?

Python programming drawbacks

There’re several downsides of Python programming. Those are really good reasons for losing the popularity.

  1. Difficulty in using other languages: Python works relatively different than others. Python programmers find it hard to shift to other powerful languages from their base. It’s a major disadvantage to move towards more productive languages.
  2. Mobile computing: Python is available only on desktop and server platforms. However, it’s not widely available on the mobile platform. While mobile is the future, python still hasn’t figured out its way. Instead, Java (for Android) and Objective-C (for iOS) are more rewarding.
  3. Runtime speed: Python is fast, but not fast enough for huge implementation. Python is executed using an interpreter runtime program. As an interpreted language, Python lacks the robust performance of most other compiled languages like C, C++ etc. Python is only fast with enough hardware power and only on web applications. As it uses a pre-installed runtime, that’s another major factor in speed.
  4. Runtime error: Python is dynamically typed, having many design restrictions reported by some Python devs. Python requires more testing time than other languages as error show up one by one when run. For enterprise level, this isn’t promising at all.
  5. Database access layers: Python seems to lack the power of database access layers. Compared to the more popular techs like JDBC or ODBC, Python database access layer is underdeveloped and relatively primitive. The database is an important part of an enterprise. Without the proper facilities, Python isn’t suitable there.
  6. Security: According to a Python legend, Stephen Deibel, Python isn’t secured to use on the browsers. There’s still no good sandbox/jail for Python. Absence from web browsers is another important cause for Python to lose popularity.
  7. Shift towards newer versions: Python has 2 mainstream versions – v2.x and v3.x. The jump from 2.x to 3.x is relatively big. The changes were huge and noteworthy. However, most of the previous developers didn’t like the newer system. That’s why it lost a certain number of audiences.

Python and other languages

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Python basics are relatively easy to learn, so it’s used in teaching programming. Moreover, Python tutorial is easily available. However, with so many drawbacks and limitations of this language, enterprise level implementation is still far away. On the other hand, languages like Java, C, C++, C#, PHP, JavaScript etc. offer more productivity in their respective fields.

If you’re a Python lover, there’s nothing to be sorry for. Programmers widely love Python, but not widely used for these limitations. A Python code can do a lot of work. If you intend to build a career on Python programming, focus learning the server tactics. Django, Google App Engine, Zope, Pyramid etc. all use Python in their core.

Python basics teach a newbie the heart of programming with the easier python codes. Unless you work on a server, it’s better not to learn Python heart and soul. Unless it overcomes the issues, it’s better to leave Python temporarily.

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