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PRTG – Graphical Network Monitoring In Windows Server

In this article we will let to know what is PRTG (Paessler Router Traffic Grapher) and steps by steps installation in Microsoft Windows Server.

What is PRTG ?

PRTG is a comprehensive network monitoring tool. It is easily install in minutes and configure quickly. This software needs credentials to access devices in network. It automatically installs devices with some default sensors, for example Ping sensor. Because for this sensor no credentials are required.

How PRTG Works?

PRTG collects real time network data using more than 250 pre-defined sensors and show them in a graphical view for better understanding and pro active monitoring. It auto discover network devices with sensors and auto configure them. These sensors are used to poll statistics from monitored devices i.e., response time, processor/memory/bandwidth usage etc

What PRTG can monitor?

What PRTG can monitor

Key Features

Flexible Alerting
Flexible Alerting
Multiple User Interfaces
Multiple User Interfaces
Maps & Dashboard
Maps and Dashboards
in depth monitoring
In Depth Monitoring

Installation Requirements

A PC or Server with at least dual core CPU and 2GB RAM. It can also be installed in a virtual machine, but there is recommended limit on the number of sensors because of the hypervisor overhead.

Installation Steps of PRTG

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PRTG offer unlimited versions for 30 days. After 30 days, it reverts to free version.

  1. Download Free Version from following link https://www.paessler.com/
  2. A license key will be generated for trial version.
Trial Serial Number

3. Run setup file as Administrator.

Run Setup

4. Select Language.

5. Accept the Agreement.

Accept License Agreement

6. Enter Email Address.

Enter Email Address

7. Unpacking files.

unpacking files

8. After installation, services are starting.

services starting

9. By default, username and password is prtgadmin.

10. Auto discovery will start run automatically based on predefined sensors.

11. Click on Home button and it will show dashboard. You can change default prtgadmin password by clicking on Change Default Password.

12. Insert new password and click on Save button.

reset default admin password

13. Switch to SSL/TLS for secure Web Browser.

14. Click Yes to switch SSL/TLS.

15. Once click to enable SSL/TSL, core services will be restart.

16. Proceed to site.

17. Installation completed.

installation completed
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