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Protect your PC with 360 Total Security

Hello! Nowadays, everything related to the security of our computer is a topic that concerns us more and more. Especially if we spend many hours a day connected to the Internet. Therefore, it is important to have a good security system. Certainly, Microsoft incorporated its free antivirus in Windows. Indeed, the so-called Microsoft Defender comes standard in Windows 10 and Windows 11 as well. However, there are many alternatives on the market. Consequently, today, we will show you how to protect your PC with 360 Total Security.

What is 360 Total Security

360 Total Security is a complete program developed by the Chinese company Qijoo 360 Technology. This tool has antivirus and maintenance functions for Windows computers. It is made up of five different engines, which we can activate and deactivate as we wish, including those of Bitdefender and Avira. In this way, we will protect our computer. In fact, it covers different security segments, from malware detection to the blocking of malicious websites. Additionally, it will help us speed up the system and free up hard disk space to improve the performance of the devices.

This suite features real-time protection. It uses cloud-based technology to detect the latest ransomware variants. It also has intelligent blocking, to be able to identify and intelligently monitor any anomalous behavior of a document that could be malicious, online shopping protection, Wi-Fi network analysis, keylogger blocking, webcam protection and document backup. In this way, we can protect them from any attack.

Security and optimization suite

When you install the tool, a surprise will appear in the form of an advertisement. In fact, at the moment of installation, you will be offered the installation of another program. In my case, it was the Opera browser. But not only that. Every time you open the program, there will be software installation suggestions. I must confess that it can get annoying. Although it is an understandable situation as it is a free software. We can always opt for its Premium version to remove them.

360 Total Security Interfaces
360 Total Security Interfaces
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The interface is elementary and is divided into two columns. On the left is a list of the various functions of the tool. By clicking on one of them, we will see the available options in the right column of the window. Therefore, it is easy to explore each function.

System check

From this section, we can analyze the state of our PC. It is a fast way to solve any problem of security and performance of our computer. With this in mind, just click on Full Check.

Performing a general system analysis
Performing a general system analysis

Consequently, the program will start scanning the system for possible alterations. It will also look for security threats. This action also provides performance improvements, boot speed optimization and registry cleaning. The process may take some time, depending on the number of files and size of the hard disk.

Antivirus against threats

This is one of the key sections of the program. From here we will be able to perform a quick, complete or customized analysis of the system searching for any virus or malware. At the bottom right we find other tools that we can access such as Cloud Scanning, Trash, Sandbox, Ransomware Decryption and Firewall.

360 Total Security scanning the system for viruses and spyware.
360 Total Security scanning the system for viruses and spyware.

When performing a scan, the antivirus will scan the system settings, the most used programs, the running processes, startup elements, as well as the critical elements of the system. Once finished it will show us a summary with the analyzed files, virus found, problems solved and time spent for it. Once the task is completed, the tool will propose the programming of an analysis.

Programming an antivirus scan
Programming an antivirus scan

Accelerate start-up

From this section, we can try to improve the general performance of the computer, as well as speed up its startup. With this in mind, it optimizes the system configuration. It also deactivates programs that run unnecessarily, both at startup and in the background.

Accelerating Windows startup
Accelerating Windows startup

When it comes to optimizing startup, it will analyze startup items, scheduled tasks, services, system and autorun plug-ins. Additional tools can be found at the bottom. They are a list of exclusions, transfer files from the hard disk to free up space, Driver Updater to keep drivers up to date and a game accelerator.

Free up space

As its name suggests, this section allows you to save hard disk space. With this intention, it allows cleaning the accumulated garbage in our computer and to improve the efficiency of the system. With this in mind, offers a cleaning of plugin, showing those that it is recommended to delete or an optional deletion. Furthermore, with cleaning of garbage files like files of cache of the Windows Modern Application, files of cache generated by navigators. Likewise, junk files that are produced when running videos and music.

360 Total Security Cleaning Tool
360 Total Security Cleaning Tool

As we have seen, 360 Total Security displays additional icons in each section. In this case, there are shortcut icons for the trash, privacy anti-scratcher, registry cleaner, disk scan, data shredder and scheduled cleanup.


360 Total Security can be considered more than an antivirus, but rather oriented to be a toolbox. From it, we can perform almost any task that has to do with security, maintenance, and system optimization. So, its use is oriented to users who want to condense all the tools in one. On the other hand, if you just want an antivirus, then maybe this is not for you. The tool works well. However, it can slow down the system when performing analysis. Therefore, it is not recommended for low-powered computers.

As for the price, this antivirus offers a fairly complete free version. Indeed, it includes multiple engines, sandbox, online shopping security, privacy protection, Internet, and system protection. It also includes functions to check Wi-Fi security, free up space, speed up the PC and regular updates. As you can see, these are elements that characterize a good antivirus. However, the downside is the constant bombardment of advertising.

The premium version is available from $26.99 per year. This option includes all the features of the free version. However, it also incorporates additional features such as a data shredder, private data cleanup, disk analyzer, Driver Update, Firewall, scheduled cleanup, Desktop Organizer. Moreover, AD Blocker, system disk shrinking, anti-scraping system, animated themes and priority system update. And of course, it is free of ads. In this way, we have analyzed 360 Total Security. In short, it is a domestic option for those on a budget. Ciao!

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