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Pop!_OS 20.04 available and it is wonderful

One week after the release of Ubuntu 20.04 it is now the turn of a derivative. Yes, Pop!_OS 20.04 is available for download and is quite wonderful. Let’s see why.

Pop!_OS is a distribution created by System76 based on Ubuntu. System76 is an American company that sells pre-installed Linux computers, so they know first hand many of the needs of Linux users.

As expected with Pop!_OS we will have access to Ubuntu applications, but with new improvements and features. The truth is that Ubuntu, in the future, could take some of them.

Pop!_OS 20.04 features

As it is based on Ubuntu 20.04, it inherits the main novelties of this one. For example, they share the same kernel version (5.4), as well as the GNOME 3.36 desktop; this last one with some distribution features like a new icon theme and GTK which helps to give it personality; also the default installed applications like Firefox 75, LibreOffice but includes Geary and not Thunderbird.

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On the other hand, Pop!_OS doesn’t want to present itself as a distribution that doesn’t provide anything but adds interesting new features of its own. For example, the Pop!_Shell.

Pop!_Shell is a vital component of the distribution and is a GNOME extension that allows you to manipulate many aspects of the windows using keyboard shortcuts. This provides a lot of fluidity in the work and increases productivity.

The key to understanding this is given to us by the same team of developers through an impressive video.

At the same time, Pop!_Shell allows organizing the windows in a mosaic way. Again, keyboard navigation is key. This feature is the auto-tilling quite similar to i3.

It’s really impressive.

And if you have an integrated graphic and a dedicated Nvidia graphic, Pop!_OS is the end of the headaches. This is because with the distribution you will be able to use the integrated one from Intel and select the dedicated one from NVIDIA for the specific applications you want.

Another new feature of this release that differs from Ubuntu is the bet on Flatpak in the application store. This is in accordance with the rest of the Linux distributions. Also, you will be able to upgrade from one version to another of the system without the need to be connected to the Internet.

Although Pop!_OS is created by System76, anyone can download and use it in order to try these features and why not, think about buying a computer from them.

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