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OpenSUSE 15 Released – All the New Features and Facilities

Finally, the latest release of openSUSE is out for consumers. OpenSUSE Leap 15 is an astonishing platform meant for the community’s easier transform towards the SUSE Enterprise Linux platform. The number of the version sounds astounding, right? Let’s take a look at all the new features in the platform.

Close alignment with SLE

SUSE Linux Enterprise is one of the major factors for users. Generally, the previous systems were different than the professional edition, making it a difficult switch to the better one. Thanks to the devs, this openSUSE Leap 15 features all the improvements so that it’s now more aligned with the SLE version.

For the closer look, devs also changed the number to 15, despite the previous one was 42. The current version of the SUSE Linux Enterprise is 15. OpenSUSE 15 is going to get minor updates for the next 3 years.

New desktop environments

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In the recent switch to the new openSUSE, it integrates the support for the newer release of GNOME (v3.26) and KDE Plasma (v5.12) desktops. For the GNOME desktop, Wayland is the default display server. It’s good to see that Wayland is getting into the center stage of all the Linux platforms.

New Installer, partitioning, and other tools

Switching to openSUSE 15, there are lots of improvements to the installer – YaST. For example, there’s a rework in the Libstorage-ng subsystem for more reliability and ease of usage. Here’s also a better switch from SuSEfirewall2 to the more popular Firewalld.

Other changes

  • Linux kernel 4.12
  • PHP 7
  • GCC 7
  • Cloud services support (NextCloud etc.)
  • Atomic updates by Kubic

Here’s the complete list of all the new features and changes of openSUSE 15.

Interested? Get openSUSE 15 now!

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