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Only 20% of Windows 10 users have the latest version of the operating system.

The latest Windows 10 update is slowly making its way to users. In fact, only 20% of computers have it running. This represents an increase from the 8.8% reflected in the November report. At least so says the most recent AdDuplex survey. Therefore, the level of penetration is growing. Albeit slowly. Read on to learn more about the fact that only 20% of Windows 10 users have the latest operating system update.

May 2020 and November 2019 versions are the most widely used versions.

Windows 10 2004, corresponding to May 2020, continues to be the most used version with a 41.8% share. It is followed by the November 2019 update with 26.8% usage. Finally, the May 2019 version is present on almost 6% of PCs. Please look at the data I attach in the following image

Please note that Microsoft released Windows 10 May 2020 Update in May 2020. This was considered to be the first of the major updates of the year. It incorporated the second version of the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL2). In addition, it incorporated several minor but interesting additions. For example, the possibility of restoring Windows from the cloud, and optimized search, etc. However, only at the beginning of this month, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 2004 was available to all users. Since it is considered a secure version that does not cause instability. Perhaps this could be the reason why it is on almost half of the computers running Windows 10.

Windows 10 users are becoming increasingly cautious. And that’s why only 20% have the latest version of the operating system.

Microsoft has had a disastrous track record with updates. In fact, they often cause more problems than they solve. Therefore, there is no mass adoption of the new features. That is also a reason why its latest version is only present on 2 out of 10 computers. Moreover, this has happened in the past. Recall that Windows 10 was released in July 2015. Although it was launched with an aggressive campaign, its growth was slow. In fact, only 4 years later the system was present on half of the computers in the world. For these reasons, only 20% of Windows 10 users have the latest version of the operating system. Bye!

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