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Newest Linux Updates – Debian 9.4, Fedora 28 Beta

In the world of Linux, there are lots of things always ongoing. Following the lifecycle, each product gets updated every now and then. In this series, 2 of the mainstream Linux distros – Debian and Fedora – released the latest version to the public. The latest version of Debian is v9.4 and Fedora released the v28 Beta.


Debian is one of the most popular Linux systems available. Ubuntu and other major distros are based on Debian. It’s quite a popular choice for having a big group of community and support behind it.

The latest release of Debian 9.4 was released on March 10, 2018. According to Debian’s official statement, this isn’t a major released. Instead, it includes a lot of updated software packages and other system tweaks + fixes. You don’t have to delete your Debian 9 installation media. Instead, you can simply update your system to the latest version.

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The latest installation images are updated everywhere. You can download Debian 9.4 ISO. The entire changelog of Debian 9.4 can be found here.

If you’re a Debian user, you don’t have to completely re-install the OS. Run the following commands and you’re good to go!


Fedora is another awesome and powerful Linux distribution. The power of stability and performance makes Fedora a really good choice for both personal and professional usage. Fedora 28 is currently in beta stage and will follow the following time schedule of release –

6 February, 2018 Software String Freeze
6 March, 2018 Beta freeze
27 March, 2018 release of Beta version
17 April, 2018 Final freeze
1 May, 2018 Release of Fedora 28 final


Here’re all the new features in Fedora 28.

  • Better battery life on laptops – several power management tweaks
  • Improved & easier installation process, like Ubuntu
  • Better support for VirtualBox, one of the best solution for virtual machine
  • More supplemental wallpapers

Here’s a big list of other proposed and implemented features for Fedora 28.

If you’re looking for other Linux distros to try out, we have the best Linux distros of 2018.

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