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New icons for windows 10 come for all users

The new icons for Windows 10 have been made available for the Insiders. However, for the rest of the users they are already starting to be displayed. Therefore, you might enjoy these icons in a few days

These new icons are a change of look for the operating system. They are more colorful, expressive and visual. However, we must remember that the arrival of the icons will be progressive. They can be displayed in the start menu and in the task bar. Also in the welcome screen.

Users relate the icons to tasks and applications, due to the daily use. Therefore, the company maintains that adding color and expressiveness facilitates the cognitive task. This helps users to find apps visually and reduce search time.

The Microsoft design team wants to make users feel that the icons belong to the real world. This is why they made them more familiar and accessible. So they chose to introduce depth and color. They also rounded off the corners. These subtle changes make them similar to the icons in Android and iOS. Because they are part of people’s everyday lives.

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With this icon update, the company wants to make them more identifiable, modern and fluid within the operating system. Given that since 2015 their design was not renewed. In fact, there will be certain icons that are very similar to the previous ones, but there are others that do represent an important change.

Problems with the new Windows 10 icons

Some users who have tested the update indicate a problem with the icons and the colour of the start menu. The new icons do not match the menu color. The previous monochrome icons did. People who have tested them recommend changing the background image. If not, adjust the Windows color/theme.

If you want to have the new Windows 10 icons already, just go to operating system options. Then click on update and security, and select “check for updates”. This will install the latest one. If your computer qualifies, you can probably get the latest update with the new Windows 10 icons. We’re still surprised by these new features. Check out our latest post about ZeroNet. We are in the next news.

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