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How to synchronize two PC folders in Windows 10

Hi, how are you? Windows 10 has a huge amount of folders and files. Additionally, as computers get better and storage increases, then the number of files grows. Consequently, nobody likes to lose access to any files. In those cases, there are tools such as folder synchronization programs. These programs allow making security backups in the cloud, being of great help to solve problems in the system. However, today we will talk about a tool that allows synchronizing folders between local drives. Well, in this opportunity we will show you how SyncToy works, a Microsoft application. This app is free and easy to use. And within its functions is that it allows you to synchronize two PC folders in Windows 10.

What is SyncToy and how does it work?

SyncToy is a Microsoft proposal for Windows 10 users. Its main function is to synchronize the content of two folders within the same computer. In addition, it uses an attractive but simple graphic interface to make the task easier. In the first place, download the program from this link. Once the program has been downloaded and installed, this initial window will appear. It asks you to create the new folder to be paired.

Create a new folder to be paired
Create a new folder to be paired

From now on the folders will be called Left Folder and Right Folder.

Select the folders to be paired
Select the folders to be paired

Modes of operation of the program.

From now on, the app offers three different modes of operation. Below, we will briefly detail each one of them.

SyncToy Options
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In the first option you will synchronize all files and folders. Consequently, if we delete something from either, it will also be deleted from the other. On the other hand Echo copies all new and updated files from the left to right folder. If we delete or rename a file on the left, it will also be deleted or renamed on the right. Finally, Contribute copies the new and updated files and folders from the left to right. Files renamed from the first one will also be renamed to the right, but no files or folders will be deleted in either. Consequently, when you delete a file in the left folder, it will not be deleted on the right. Once the corresponding option has been selected, it is necessary to assign a name to the pair.

Assign the name to the pair
Assign the name to the pair

Then the process of synchronizing the data within the folder will begin. I wait a few seconds according to the size of the folder.

Folder Synchronization
Folder Synchronization


Finally, we have seen how to synchronize two folders inside the PC in Windows 10. From now on, you only have to manually activate the synchronization process. This is a great tool for managing the content of two tools. In addition, it is an app provided by Microsoft and it is free. I hope you enjoyed this post. Please check out our article on ZeroNet. Bye!


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