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New Features in Windows 10 v1803 Spring Creators Update

Windows has always been the most used OS of all. It’s because it’s fast, powerful and simple. Developed by Microsoft, this product is dominating the market of the operating system for quite a long time. The latest product in Windows series is Windows 10. Microsoft is upgrading Windows 10 to become the ultimate OS for all.

Recently, Microsoft released Windows 10 v1803, also called Spring Creators Update. Just like the new name, the entire build is full of new features and ready to be delivered to everyone. The update also includes improved Edge, Cortana, “Settings” app and lot more.

New Features

Now, let’s take a look what is new in this update.

  • Timeline and Fluent Design

The new OS is bringing a whole new design, called “Fluent Design”. It’s a lot better and improved than the infamous “Metro” style that replaced the Windows 7 style in Windows 8 & 8.1. The new “Timeline” will work just as it sounds.

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Every of your activity will be listed as day-wise/hour-wise. You’re free to check out all your earlier activities from the list.

  • Edge browser

Since the starting of Windows 10, Microsoft introduced their brand new web browser – Microsoft Edge. This is an improved version of Internet Explorer but didn’t earn much success in the market.

The newer OS has an improved Edge version. Now, it includes autofill cards, clutter-free printing, better hub view, developer toolbar etc. “Autofill cards” will work just like the “autofill” feature of most modern browsers. You can also run “InPrivate” and normal mode in the same window, in different tabs.

  • Cortana

Although the name is from the game “Halo”, it’s just like “Jarvis” from Marvel. However, it isn’t so popular among users. However, the virtual assistant is getting upgraded.

It’s now enhanced with “Cortana Collection” that allows better learning and helping according to your needs. Cortana Notebook is revamped. You can easily keep a record of your books, favorite restaurants, TV shows etc. and put them into the “Organizer”.

  • Password Recovery

In case you forget the login password of your PC, it becomes a serious pain to recover it. However, this new Windows build comes up with a better solution – security questions.

In case you forget the password, you can use security questions to recover the password of login easily.

  • Focus Assist

It’s an interesting feature and brand new to Windows 10. Using this feature, you can set a “Quiet Hour” when no notification will disturb your work. You can select a few important apps to get notifications. It’s mainly for office usage.

  • Other features

There are also other features and improvements in the build. Here are a few miscellaneous tweaks and improvements.

  • Themed Command Prompt.
  • New keyboard settings page.
  • Share files between 2 devices without Bluetooth.
  • Better gaming performance with HDR functionality.
  • Revamped Windows Defender settings
  • Native UNIX sockets.

Note that until the final products arrive, Microsoft has the right to change or discontinue any feature/improvement. Most of these were noticed in several Windows Redstone builds, so expect to get them with Windows 10 v1803.

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