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Microsoft’s monthly updates will cease by COVID-19

Microsoft’s monthly updates for Windows disappear in May. Microsoft made this decision because of the COVID-19 crisis. So, only the security updates will still arrive. Microsoft publishes a series of updates for users every month. In this way it continuously improves the operating system.

Consequently, the cessation is due to the need to prioritize the work of the engineers. To focus on security updates. Since the work is mostly remote these days. It is a measure that affects all versions of Windows and Windows Server with current support.

However, updates scheduled for April will arrive. In any case, pausing these updates does not jeopardize the security and privacy of the system. Because new versions that fix or add patches will continue to arrive.

Microsoft’s monthly updates that will not arrive

Specifically, Microsoft warned that the updates that will no longer be sent are type C and type D updates. This has to do with the classification of the updates for Windows that users receive. The company sends out changes to the operating system on a monthly basis. In particular to improve it, fix bugs or patch vulnerabilities.

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In fact, these updates are cumulative. That is, each new update contains improvements to that update and to previous updates. In other words, if you don’t install one of these updates in the next one, you’ll receive the improvements of the one you didn’t install. Here are some features of these updates.

Precisely, Google announced a similar measure for Chrome and Chrome OS last week. The browser will not have any more updates but security updates, for now. We hope that this crisis will soon pass and will not continue to affect the development of life. Including the technological aspect. And that Microsoft’s monthly updates will continue to arrive periodically. Speaking of updates, check out our post about how to contribute to the improvement of Windows by being part of Windows Insider

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