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Microsoft Teams offers new features for teleconferencing

Microsoft Teams announced that the platform will have new features. In fact, many of them are related to meetings. In particular, for remote medical consultations and video conferencing. Updates are up to the users. Specifically to the thousands who use the tool by COVID-19. Thus, Microsoft focuses the updates on the dynamics of work and learning of these people.

According to Jared Spataro, corporate vice president, Microsoft 365, thousands of organizations have used Teams. This search for a center for teamwork. Also, that allows them to stay connected and committed to the tasks of the company.

What’s new in Microsoft Teams?

What’s new builds a better online meeting experience. Also, they seek to bring technological solutions to meet the needs of frontline workers. Likewise, for health care workers. Sequentially, Team brings a new option for real-time noise suppression. This option can minimize background noise. The same that sometimes serves as a distraction. Or it prevents you from clearly hearing what a person is saying.

Additionally, the “raise your hand” function allows you to send a visual signal to indicate that there is a contribution to be made. This option is useful in large meetings. Because participants may have difficulty communicating their input.

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News comes also for industrial workers. Through a new integration between Teams and the RealWear HMT-1 device, frontline workers will be able to access information. As well as communicate with remote experts from their workplace.

Empty conference room with the word TEAM in the middle
In the last 3 years, thousands of companies have used Microsoft Teams to work remotely. However, in the last few months it has increased due to the COVID-19 crisis.

The Bookings application in Teams makes it easy to schedule, manage and make virtual appointments. For situations that require B2C virtual consultations. For example, medical consultations with patients. As well as meetings with clients or interviews with candidates for a job.

Regarding chats, Teams will soon show chats in a separate window. This way, it optimizes the workflow and allows mobility. This is easily done between ongoing conversations. Also, comes the offline and low-bandwidth support. It allows you to read chat messages and write responses. Even without an internet connection, so that tasks can be advanced anywhere.

Microsoft Teams expands its tools little by little. It does so through alliances with other platforms. Including now appropriate functions for conference rooms. These new features improve the forced experience of many users who work and study thanks to this option. We already want to see what Microsoft Teams brings us next. And talking about Microsoft Teams in COVID-19 times, did you read our post about the fall it had at the beginning of the month in Europe?

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