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Microsoft is working on a cloud version of Windows 10

Hello! Microsoft is working on the development of a cloud-based version of Windows 10. For now known as Cloud PC. In effect, it is a system-as-a-service offering. It would also be built on Windows Virtual Desktop. Which provides a remote desktop experience of Windows 10. That is, we could access it from anywhere. In the following lines, we will see that Microsoft is working on a cloud version of Windows 10.

It is anticipated that Microsoft is working on a cloud version of Windows 10

This time it is not about rumors or news leaks. Indeed, Microsoft itself has activated the Cloud PC support page. We assume it was a mistake, as it is currently unavailable. However, for a short time, it was working.

Support web page of cloud version of Windows 10

We had heard about this project through job offers. However, the publication of the support page seems to confirm the existence of the project. However, this website did not advance many details. What it does confirm is that Cloud PC will work with Microsoft Graph. This is a set of programming interfaces (API) that allows the integration of different 365 services such as Office and Windows, also in the cloud.

On the other hand, it is expected to be available in different upgraded and paid plans. With the starting modality of 2 vCPUs, 4GB of RAM, and a 96GB SSD. Upgradeable up to 3 vCPUs and 8GB of RAM. Of course, these details were part of the project and an early release was not foreseen. However, with the release of the support page, an early release is expected.

Microsoft freezes the development of Windows 10x.

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This announcement coincides with the suspension of Windows 10X development. This version was intended for new laptops. However, Microsoft will not distribute it this year and probably never will. In addition, some of its features will be added to the main version of Windows 10. For the time being, the Redmond company is focusing its efforts on other projects. Microsoft is working on a cloud version of Windows 10. Bye!

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