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Microsoft Enforces Edge in a New Way

Recently, Microsoft released their Windows 10 Insider Preview (build 17263) for “Skip Ahead” users. If you didn’t know, Insider Preview is the future of Windows 10 where features get added and users get chance to use and improve them by contributing their testing. It’s also a great platform for devs to create Windows Apps with advanced features. The latest release introduced a brand new system that enforces users to go with Edge browser.

Since Microsoft released their Edge browser after going a long path with Internet Explorer, they’ve been trying to popularize it with users. Microsoft even introduced a separate link in the Windows Store for the Edge browser extensions. This isn’t all; a new change will definitely put users into a great discomfort.

The new “Edge” law

When using the default Windows Mail app, if you click any link, it would previously open the default web browser. By default, it’s safe to assume that your default browser is not Edge. But in the newest release, the clicked links will open through Edge browser.

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Obviously, if you previously used Internet Explorer, you’ll notice remarkable changes in Edge browser. It’s improved and powerful. But that doesn’t mean that it’s compulsory for everyone, right? Microsoft always tries to push their products on their customers, this is nothing new.

Fortunately, this feature is only available in the Insider Preview build of Windows 10. As users try it out, they’ll provide their feedback on the Feedback Hub. Hopefully, Microsoft will change this feature in the future. If you’re interested to get access to Insider Preview builds and check out the latest features, get Windows 10 Insider Preview.

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