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Microsoft claims that there will be no updates to Windows 10 during December.

Upgrades are very important for any operating system. Similarly, Windows 10 pays special attention to this section. However, sometimes this policy has caused more problems than improvements. So Microsoft has just announced that they will not release optional updates during December for Windows 10.

Why won’t the updates arrive in December?

The first thing you need to know is that only optional updates will be stopped. In fact, security updates will continue to arrive, and we must not give hackers and other threats a chance. Well, as this support document details, Microsoft is working on minimal operations during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. This is logical, as many professionals take vacations and the level of work is relaxed a bit. But we must insist, security updates and patches will continue to arrive at the computer. In addition, normal service of the updates will resume in January 2021.

Problems with last update

However, this has brought problems for users and computers. For example, there have been reports of Internet connection blockages, failure to open some programs and games downloaded from the Microsoft Store. In addition to these problems, difficulties in overall performance have also been reported. This is because a bug has been generated in the TCP/IP controller that is processing requests incorrectly. That is, it consumes too many CPU cycles. For this reason, it is a relief not to receive updates, at least in December. A stable system that does not fall into the dreaded blue screen of death is welcome.

Furthermore, it is to be expected that during this time the support of updates will be improved. And consequently, errors will be polished. Well you know, Microsoft claims that there will be no updates for Windows 10 during December. So at least one month we will not have problems associated with updates in our system. All right, that’s it for today, stay tuned for more hot news about Windows 10. Bye!

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