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Microsoft celebrates with a new look of Windows 10

Microsoft celebrates its more than one billion active users with a new look for Windows 10. The figure was surpassed at the beginning of last week. The company released a video showing some features and changes in the operating system interface. For example, new Live Tiles, different file browser and context menus.

Panos Panay (responsible for Windows at Microsoft) showed the new features through his account on Instagram. However, there is no set date for the update. At least, the presentation allows you to get a glimpse of what Windows 10 will look like.

Freshness and harmony in the new look of Windows 10

In the video, we find some outstanding changes. Certainly, the speed and impact that the video leaves behind makes it impossible to appreciate the new features in detail. Below we briefly detail the new features:

Transforming Windows 10 Icons
Transforming Windows 10 Icons
  • New icons: Microsoft unveiled some time ago the arrival of new icons. Those of Redmon have progressively incorporated them in all their services. Apparently they will also arrive in Windows 10 in a complete way.
  • Improved Live Tiles: The company had also announced the arrival of new Live Tiles. Although it was suspected that they would disappear. In spite of this, they are only renewed. Thus, the start menu is simplified with more complete Live Tiles. This way, the tables show the relevant information directly. In addition, the colors are reduced and the way the application list is displayed changes a bit.
  • Context Menus: Context menus will provide more detailed information and more alternatives. This depends on the window and the type of application. Also, it brings accessibility options such as changing the spacing of the typography
  • File Explorer: In the video you can see icons with more information. As well as faster access to the main tools to control folders and files. So we intuitively come up with a new design for the File Explorer app.

Although as we mentioned, there is no announced date for the changes. Probably during this year’s Build (which will be virtual by the COVID-19) detailed specifications and descriptions of the new look of Windows 10 will be released. Also, new features are expected for Windows 10X, the system for dual-screen devices from Microsoft such as Surface Neo.

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