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Mandrake Linux Creator Launches a New Open Source Mobile Operating OS

In our digital age, personal and corporate data spread over networks at the speed of light. If you do not care, it can be impeded, approached, duplicated, and you won’t be aware of. Why? The reason is that personal data is the petroleum of the 21st century: internet, cloud services, connected objects, applications: all that leaks and feeds digital giant industries that convert it into billion dollars, and can be utilized by state organizations to set up inspection programs without our concern.

And how do we cope in this circumstance? First, many of us just aren’t informed about the situation. They have the confidence or they don’t even bother to be aware of. This represents the vast majority of users, but they are long-term victims and they fuel mass servitude.
Second, some of us are aware of those facts, but they accept it. “I’ve nothing to hide.” This is a reputable decision as long as it’s a sensitive preference. This is deliberate bondage.
Third, more and more people do not accept this situation. They desire to recover power over their isolation. They believe that data bondage is not a doom.

At “eelo”, they aim to approach the demands of this 3rd category with amazing products and services, for both users and associations. Similar to an electronic plumber, they are in support of privacy contrary to data leaks. In this case, they will evangelize science about privacy concerns and data leakage, enlightening users. In one piece: evangelize. Offer trustworthy preferences to our expanding society of immune fighters.
Specifically, eelo is going to release digital products that respect users more and increase their privacy. We will unite and optimize tolerable preferences into an intercontinental and seamless ecosystem.

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They will liberate private mobile operating systems, online office solutions, and emails solutions. They will liberate amazing and craved products. For 20 years, Mandrake Linux creator has been an active participant in the open source society. He has produced 2 well-known preferences to proprietary solutions, for example, Mandrake Linux that had a big win.

Today, you can aid them to transform eelo into an intercontinental preference for mobile phone and cloud services. You might be constituent of their ambition to produce a modern electronic foundation, in the community interest.

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