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Best Free antimalware tools for windows

Malware is broad term that is used to refer to software designed for the sole purpose of gaining unauthorized access to a system/Personal Computer (PC) and cause damage or disrupt processes.

There are various ways to prevent malware from doing so and there are also ways to ensure that even after a successful malware attack, you don’t lose your mission critical data. Preventive measures include the acquisition of anti-malware software whereas the cure for a malware attack are data recovery services such as backup and disaster recovery services (On-premises & cloud based).

In order to help you protect your data from malware attacks without any cost implications, here’s our list of the best free anti-malware software:

1.  AVG Antivirus Free

AVG Antivirus comes with a simple interface and facilitates remote activation of system scanning. It’s at the top of our list not just because of the simple yet effective and easy to manage dashboard. The anti-malware application also protects from downloadable threats and dodgy links.

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Remember those phishing emails? You’re sent a link for something else but instead it leads to a ransomware/malware infection? That’s what AVG protects you and your data from. And that’s the main reason why it’s at the top. Apart from remote scanning activation, of course.

It comes with a free version but also offers a Pro version, for which you have to pay some amount but then you gain access to enterprise level security features.

2. BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition

This antimalware application is the silent vigilante working in the shadows. It is discreet yet effective. The application identifies and eliminates anything that poses a threat to your system/PC.

BitDefender scans links to ensure you don’t fall victim to malware, identifies misbehaving applications, and scans your PC every time you start it up.

3. MalwareBytes Anti-Malware

The reason why this anti-malware is ranked third is not because it’s bad or isn’t satisfactory. It’s because the free version doesn’t support real-time protection, hyper-scan mode and malicious website blocking feature. After the free trial expires, you lose access to a number of great features.

Apart from that, the application efficiently protects your PC from malware and has a reputation for it. As the free version supports the standard link scanning and malware detection features; you can use it without worry. However, for advanced features you will have to purchase the software. Think of the free version as a test-drive for the real deal if you are looking for enterprise level security features.

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