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Little known Windows features that are very useful

We have previously discussed that Windows 10 is packed with features. Indeed, many of these capabilities are not well known. But they are also very valuable. Many of these are inherited from previous systems. However, there are also new features introduced with Windows 10. Well, we have put together a bunch of interesting but little-known Windows 10 features. Or they will simply brighten up your computer experience. Read on to see the Little known Windows features that are very useful.

Quick assistance.

This is an interesting feature of Windows 10. It allows you to help a third party to troubleshoot problems with the operating system. Or on the contrary, we can also receive help from another person. Quick Assistance allows you to remotely control another user’s computer. Or also give control to another user to control our pc. The best thing is that you don’t have to install any third party software. Nor do you have to open the browser. All you have to do is type Quick Assist in the search box. After opening the app all you have to do is log into the account, generate a code and share it with the other person. Immediately both users will share access remotely.

Automatically rename multiple files.

This tip is a Windows classic. However, many people don’t know it. In Windows 10 you can select multiple files at once and rename them all to the same numerical series. Consider this, you have a folder with photos from your last vacation. Then you select all the photos, right-click and select Rename. Then you assign Vacation as the new name. Consequently, each picture will be called Vacation (01), Vacation (02), and so on. Since Windows adds a number in sequence to each image.

Get text suggestions and autocorrection

Did you know that it is possible to make text suggestions when typing in Windows 10? Just like the autocorrect function on smartphone keyboards. To enjoy it, you just have to activate the text suggestions function for the hardware keyboard. With this intention follow the following path:

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Windows Settings>Devices>Typing

Once there, select Keyboard Hardware. Next, enable the option to show text suggestions while typing. You can also enable the auto-correct option.

Change cursor color and size

Windows has many accessibility and customization features. Consequently, a very useful and nice one is the possibility to customize the mouse pointer. Since we can not only change the color but also the size. Which is very useful if you have eyesight problems. Or simply to give another look to the pointer. So just follow the following path:

Windows Settings>Ease of Access>Mouse pointer 

Once there, you can modify the size and color of the pointer. You can also edit the cursor size.

Record the screen without installing anything

Windows 10 allows you to record your screen without installing additional software. Simply use the Xbox Game Bar. The bar appears by simply pressing the Win+G combination. Then, just click on the recording icon. On the other hand, there are keyboard shortcuts that allow you to invoke the recorder without having to open the game bar. Pressing Win+ALT+R will start a new recording. In addition, you can control it with a small indicator.

Quick search

Almost all of us search in Windows using the Start menu. However, Windows 10 search has its own space. Indeed, it is enough to press the Win+S combination to open the search without the Start menu. In that box there are several quick searches. For example, the weather, important news and more. In addition, of the recently used apps and the most used ones. Finally we can do web searches from an image. For this purpose you just have to click on the camera icon in the lower right corner. This action will take a current screenshot and perform a web search.

Ultimately we have seen some little known Windows functions that are very useful. We hope you will use them and improve your productivity in Windows 10. Bye!

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