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Linux From Scratch 10.0 available

More than twenty years ago, after the Linux From Scratch project started as a guide/book. For users to learn how to create their own Linux distribution from scratch, even though they’ve heard “LFS” less, the effort is the same. This year, they have released Linux From Scratch 10.0 (LFS 10.0).

The new version of the LFS 10.0, continues with the steps for the construction of a Linux operating system. With each new update, they incorporate new steps, to create a more polished distribution is characteristic, called Beyond Linux From Scratch (BLFS).

The new version of the Linux From Scratch 10.0 book, has undergone a major reorganization. It uses improved cross-compiling techniques and an environment isolated from the host system, with the aim of building tools for the final system.

Linux From Scratch 10.0: What’s New

  • LFS 10.0 among its main updates, includes the tool chain versions glibc-2.32, gccc-10.2.0 and binutils-2.35.
  • Instead, a total of 37 packages were updated since the last version. The Linux kernel has also been updated to version 5.8.3.
  • However, the main volume of The Linux From Scratch (LFS) uses SysV init, while there is an alternative version that uses systemd. The Linux From Scratch (LFS) manual is available in HTML format or downloaded as a PDF.

To read the official note and download the manual, go to the official website


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Linux From Scratch with every update includes new packages, tools. So that users have everything they need to build their own Linux distribution.

In addition, LFS 10.0, includes glibc-2.32, gccc-10.2.0 and binutils-2.35 string tools. In addition, update from 37 packages from the last version.

Although Linux From Scratch is not popular, developers maintain the same effort, with each new update.

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