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Linspire 9.0 Available

For users who have been in the Linux world for years, they surely remember Lindows. Which in the end ended up being another project. A GNU/Linux distro with the integration of C’n’R (Click and Run). So, it promised to bring the simplicity of Windows, to install applications without the need for commands. At the time it was quite promising and revolutionary, but nowadays it is possible in the various distros to the application shops or software center. With the update of Linspire 9.0 that brings important improvements. Stay tuned to find out what to bring back.

The new version Linspire 9.0 is based on Ubuntu, using the lightweight desktop environment of Xfce 4.14. In this case, it uses 18.04 LTS Ubuntu as a base, it also includes the latest Linux 5.4 kernel. Similarly, package updates, to correct certain issues, patch vulnerabilities, and improve on the core component.

Features of Linspire 9.0

Linspire 9.0 includes some application ssuch as:

  • Google Chrome 84 web browser,
  • The Mozilla Thunderbird 68.8 email client.
  • VLC media player
  • The KolourPaint paint program
  • The Redshift utilit and games like KPatience and DreamChess.

Also, Microsoft PowerShell, Ice SSB, the inclusion of all multimedia codecs for full media playback, and an OnlyOffice office suite.

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Users can now have the Btrfs, XFS, or JFS file system at their disposal for the duration of the installation from the root file system.

The remarkable and interesting change of the last version, the removal of the support for the use of applications, and Snap installation. Removal of all Snap management package system, Linspire now offers support for Flatpak applications.


The project is previously known as Lindows, now announces the release of its latest update. Linspire 9.0 includes a number of applications as mentioned above, as well as removing support for Snap applications. With packages of corrections, patches of vulnerabilities.

Using Xfce 4.14 as a desktop environment, the latest version is completely free and customizable.

Linspire 9.0 will be the last to use the Ubuntu18.04 LTS base code. For the next version of Linspire, the code used as base and core is Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

If you are interested in purchasing Linspire 9.0, log in to the official site for $39.99. Plus different editions and different installation media.

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