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Plasma 5.18 LTS available

One of the most pleasing features of Linux is the ability to customize it. If we add this to the different desktop environments that exist, we can say that at a graphic level no Linux distribution is the same as any other. There are several environments and today we dress up to present KDE Plasma 5.18 LTS with all the new features.

KDE Plasma 5.18 is the latest stable version of this framework made with QT technology. This environment offers a high level of customization as well as a modern look without neglecting the stability of the system.

The main novelty of KDE Plasma 5.18 is that it is LTS that is to say, it will have support for two years while the other versions only 4 months. So it’s a candidate to appear in Kubuntu 20.04 and so on.

However, there are many more new features and here we will introduce you to the most important ones.

KDE Plasma 5.18 LTS features

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One of the features that users will enjoy most is the Emojis selector that comes with this version.

KDE Plasma 5.18 Emoji Selector
KDE Plasma 5.18 Emoji Selector

This can be displayed using the Meta key (windows logo) + . or from the main menu (Applications > Utilites).

In the version 5.17 the night mode was released, because in this version a new widget is incorporated to activate or deactivate it.

Night mode widget
Night mode widget

This way we do not have to open the system preferences.

Also in this version you can share usage information with the developers. This will help to improve the environment, but without compromising your data.

User Feedback on KDE plasma 5.18
User Feedback on KDE plasma 5.18

This feature is present in the system settings.

Notifications have been improved to be fluid and less intrusive. However, you can now see the battery level of Bluetooth devices.

Also, in this version, the integration of GTK applications promises to be the best seen. They do this because they automatically inherit desktop preferences on fonts, icons, cursors and so on.

This version improves the graphics section, i.e. the rebirth with many current GPUs. Also thanks to a technical work, you have decreased the graphic failures of the applications.

In summary, what has happened since KDE Plasma 5.12 LTS

KDE Plasma 5.12 was the last LTS in this desktop environment. If you come from that version, you will notice even more the following changes:

  • Completely rewritten notification system
  • Browser integration
  • Redesigned system settings pages, either using a consistent grid view or an overhauled interface
  • GTK applications now respect more settings, use KDE color schemes, have shadows on X11, and support the global menu
  • Display management improvements, including new OSD and widget
  • Flatpak portal support
  • Night Color feature
  • Thunderbolt device management

Final thoughts

Since the announcement we are told that this version is a safe bet to update projects that have to be stable as work or educational computers. Therefore, it is expected to be a stable and reliable version for everyone.

Finally, I leave you with a link to the video that the development team has published for this great desktop environment.

If you want to know all the news, I invite you to read the official announcement.

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