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Java 10 – The Improved Life for Everyone!

Java is one of the most powerful and widely used programming languages all over the world. It provides numerous features that allow creating the best apps in the world. Java is supported in all platforms and thus, all the Java apps are able to run on all platforms. Moreover, there is the even greater application of Java in various places. That’s why it’s one of the most popular languages of all time.

Thanks to Oracle, we’re now going to enter a new era of Java – Java 10. After Sun Microsystems, Oracle is the maintainer of Java legacy. Now, Java SE 10 is available for devs to implement into their apps. The release of Java 9 wasn’t good enough as many manufacturers were still in trouble to get used to the new module system. With Java 10, everything’s about to change.

New Features

Java 10 comes up with tons of new features. Along with all the present features, here the new features only.

  • Local variable type interference – This feature enhances Java to extend type interference to the declaration of local variables with initializers.
  • Application CDS – CDS (Class-Data Sharing) was first introduced by JDK 5. CDS targets to decrease the resource footprint & increase performance while running multiple JVMs on the same physical machine. With Java 10, the extent of CDS is more powerful for an even faster performance.
  • Docker awareness – When running Java on Linux system, if the app contains a Docker container, it’ll be quickly recognized by the JVM. Instead of querying the OS, JVM will take care of info like the number of CPUs, total memory allocation etc.
  • Bug fixes
  • New APIs with improved older ones
  • GC Interface – In the earlier JDK structure, the codes for Garbage Collector (GC) implementation were all scattered throughout the entire code base. This often created confusion to new Java devs. Now, the codes are perfectly arranged with a clean interface for a quicker and easier integration.
  • Grall Java-based JIT compiler

There are lots of features available in Java 10. If you’re feeling excited, don’t forget to check out the official Java 10 page. Willing to get JDK 10 for yourself? Download Java SE 10!

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