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Introducing the features of the new Office 2021

Microsoft Office 2021 is the new version of Microsoft’s office suite. In addition, it is now available for macOS and Windows. In fact, it has been released together with Windows 11. Therefore, it is already available for businesses, customers, and consumers. However, this release went under the table. In fact, Microsoft has not made any major promotion of this release. There is even no mention of it on the website. But, it is worth noting the features of the new Office 2021.

New features of Office 2021

We mentioned the almost non-existent promotion of this release. Well, this has its origin in a couple of reasons. First, Microsoft is in the middle of launching and promoting Windows 11. Logically, this takes a lot of time away from the guys in Redmond. On the other hand, Microsoft has been pushing its Subscription service for a long time. We are talking about Office 365. Consequently, Office 2021 is not so interesting for the company. As we said, they are betting entirely on their cloud services. Mostly to fight against the use of Google’s office applications. Let’s remember that these have increased a lot since the beginning of the pandemic.

Most of the changes are visual

According to Microsoft, this local suite is intended for specific situations. Specifically, those in which a device cannot connect to the Internet. Either for security or production reasons. But they need a long term service channel. Office 2021 includes the most recognizable and most used applications of the suite:

  • Word (Word processor)
  • Excel (Spreadsheet editor)
  • PowerPoint (Presentation tool)
  • Access (Database tool)

In addition to the rest of the tools that make it up as Outlook, Project, Visio and Publisher. Teams is also included. Keep in mind that this tool is intended to replace Skype in all communication tasks. Therefore, it is also strongly promoted together with Windows 11.

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On the other hand, there aren’t many new features that an Office 365 user doesn’t know about. Let’s remember that Office 2021 is based on the cloud suite. Therefore, the changes are mostly aesthetic. So, it has received a visual update with a monoline iconography. In addition to new multimedia content and Microsoft search bar in all applications. It has also incorporated a neutral color palette and a modernized ribbon interface. Furthermore, it incorporates rounded corners, dark mode and others to integrate better with Windows 11. In addition, it has received performance improvements and support for the OpenDocument 1.3 format. Well, ultimately we have introduced the features of the new Office 2021. One of the latest news from Microsoft. Not as relevant as Windows 11, but still important for many users. Bye!

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